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A few questions, like repairing armor?

So armor can be repaired if it is damaged? I was thinking of using a decent set to spar with.. I guess I would just need to find a smith to repair it if its too damaged after...

Also.. Why do people use EV scrolls for PVM? Do they cast a bunch of EV's on dragons or something? I guess I need to learn up on PVM here.

What is fizzle sparring?

Can sparring dummies die and respawn?


ok you normaly use ev's as a sort of tank for cast them so the monster attacks it instead of you...

also fizzle sparring is a version of pvp that people (that obviously dont play here anymore) wanted so badly...and no one even uses it at all

You really do not need to wear armor to spar. You'll use more bandages by not using it, but that isn't a huge deal. I'd just stock up on shields and go to town.

The sparring partners at the mercenary camp will not die.

I tried sparring those dummies and I couldnt get my bandages to work.. I'm raising healing with magic arrow now.. Maybe it will work better if its higher. Does anyone have a good razor macro I could copy to heal and re equip while sparring?

Mael what part of NH are you from? I'm from Somersworth(near Dover, Portsmouth)

If you get your anatomy up, and make a razor macro that heals like 3 times in a row, then equips weapon and shield -by type should be fine. Also stand by one of the droughts and have in the macro to clean bandages , it's how I did it

haha i live in rochester....

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