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Conection problems

Hi i can log in to the game. I instal game do all steps in patching and when i try log in i have message " Couldn't connect to uo. Please try again in few moments". I have god ip, patches.
Please help !

Couldn't connect to UO Wrote:If you get the message "If you get the message "Couldn't connect to Ultima Online. Please try again in a few moments" it's most likely because you have entered the wrong address. If you are using Razor make sure that it says inside "Server box" when starting Razor.

Did you try that already? It should be and not
There are a few other options listed there. You'll also need to make sure that any firewall software isn't blocking port 2593

I try now i have massage " Verit'ying Account" and i wait 15, 30 min...... and nothing

Quote:If you get stuck at "Verifying Account" when trying to login, that means you are probably trying to login with an encrypted client. You will have to use a program to decrypt your client, such as Razor. If you are already using Razor make sure that "Patch client encryption" is checked when starting Razor.

If you're using Injection or a plain UO client, it will need to have its encryption patched. (Try the "Fix Client" option in the patcher or the "Install Injection" option. I think they're both under the tools menu)

I ty fix client in IN patcher bot it didn't work.

Delete all the stuff that has to do with UO on ur PC and reinstall the game, follow step by step..

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