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King Frizkin

i found only today the trick to go inside the prince room and then all way to the secret word to go over the king blue platform,
its very very well done,
anyway the problem is that i already killed all: king, queen and advisors already time ago, going behind the blue platform and summoning a creature on the border,
i thought it was legit and was the thing to do actually, doing this you can't say "all kill" because targets still cannot be seen but they start attacking your summon and follow it down the platform, this is the bug
so you can easly kill them all after they came down

only today that i found the right way i understood it was a bug..

maybe to solve this, the blue wood could be moved close to the wall so that you cannot walk behind...

I believe they are supposed to come down...

they are but they can even stay up there, thats not the matter, the matter is that they should attack you only if you use the secret word to go up and catch them, not spamming a summon on the tile behind them, thats a bug

Ahhh now i understand what u meant, it was a little confusing at first ;P
That is indeed a bug, shouldn't be like that!

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