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Macroing friends character?

Hello, I had a question concerning the "two accounts" rule. I was wondering if it was illegal to macro someone elses char (afk macro only, not gathering resources). Keeping in mind this is still running only 1 client. I just want to be specific to I can keep myself on the good side here.

I'm not admin or even 100% sure but provisionally for now I'll say it's OK go ahead and do it and if there is a problem point at this thread and blame me.

edit: I am of course referring to the specific circumstances described here, for anyone else reading (so there are no misunderstandings...) multi-accounting is not allowed (as stated in the rules) 1 account per person.

I had some problems with this a few months back, helping a friend of mine finish his crafting skills. Taran said it was alright, after my account was blocked and we talked it over. I believe its allowed as long as you don't log on both ;p

You can macro another person's character. Just don't have them gathering and crafting, etc. If it looks innocent and we see the second account logging in from different IPs and it's always just macroing skills like hiding, anatomy, magery, etc, then knock yourself out.

Okay perfect, thank you very much. I appreciate the help. I also did log on two both at once, but as soon as i did i logged off because I didnt realize the other was minimized (hide task bar) Sad but I did page as soon as it happened and talked it over with Sol. So there is a record of me logging onto both but it was pure accident. Once again thank you for your help.

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