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Maybe im alone on this one....

Can we modify the script so that horses can join guilds?
And Mongbats?

Quote:are you honestly going to start posting that in every thread? It might be a bug so cut it out nobody is laughing anymore

god damn 17 years old and still acts like this, grow up
your so grumpy smoke

Smoke stop being butthurt.

Unless you're hiding all your new keys up your butt.

You also contributed nothing to this discussion, and likely, thanks to the OP's flaming meltdown quit statement, it's likely it's not going to be looked into further anyway unless one of our darling staff members champions it, or a group of players decide to test it themselves.

First time i ever got pissed drunk , pissed off and then deleted UO.
Not sure what your talking about Althy payne or whatever lol.
Last thread i made about quitting UO was when i was moving.
And wasn't sure if i could afford internet.

but yea either way whatever, so a guy can't get drunk and spazz every once in a while lol. deal with it.

still i think theres some kinda bug there. or else an opening for a new idea to implement into guilds.

I just figured that sort of thing would of already been set up in those terms, that a animal you tame automatically comes into the guild.
Makes sense anyways.

And well i was really pissed about that little lamer shadow banning me from the rune book room for no reason, lol what a joke he is.
No thats my rune book room, hmph, i could just see him now thinking hes important cause he can block access to a few rune books. sigh.

If I do recall correctly, a long time ago you had to tell your horses "all guard me" before they would turn green. Both owners do this and then both horses should be green. Not sure if that works the same way here.

Felonious Wrote:Can we modify the script so that horses can join guilds?

This! +100

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