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Maybe im alone on this one....

Anyways.. So guild mates can attack the shit out of each other in town.. cast spells . magic arrow blah blah, get each others attention. just for shits n giggles.
well its all shits n giggles untill someone giggles then shits....

so im fooling around in my house with a guild mate...

we both get off each others rides..

Mine is a Young night...
his is a white stang.

we wanna see how tough the stang is.. so " I " say all kill and attack his horse..

they fight, we laugh, we cry.. we heal his horse...

all good, fun over.. bye bye.

I recall to brit bank.. boom get guard whacked..
Atleast i was able to run away a screen or two... before dieing.
the horse got whacked instantly.


Point is..
We were both guild mates...
why am i grey? for making each others horses attack each other?

maybe this should be a suggestion? and not a bug..
but either way maybe something to think about?

Guild mates rides should be able to attack each other... with out turning the other grey??

Considering guild mates can attack each other and not go grey, why is it any different with their rides..
they own them atleast. so it should be acceptable you think??

am i alone on this?

And no not complaining, i already have a second young nightmare ready to go in my place Smile

just thought that was kinda peculiar...

I think once you say all kill that mount turns blue or how ever you want to say it. I think its always been that way.

I was explained ..... that the nightmare is always red no matter what... so thats kewl i guess.

But come on.. revamp the ****ing young night mare script..
the ****ing thing is completely useless. and this comes from several GM tamers..

this is just another point in reason being why..

not sure if this works with any other regular horse?

but ill test it tomorrow when i have time.

Either way, point is. im the owner of the ride.. it attacked another guild member's HORSE!!... and I me the character player turns GREY..
so we both get ****ing whacked.. makes no sense.. lol.. we're in the same guild,
yet we can dance around brit bank and attack each other all day with no problems..

lol **** anyways whatever ill have another beer, and you can just read this and laugh.

You can use your nightmare to hunt and if it kills stuff its Karma will increase and it can eventually go Karma grey or even blue.
At least that's what i did with a Zos so i assume its the same for the nightmares.

Well mainly, im not to concerned about the Nightmare... i know its Red.. and i never had a chance to hunt with it..

Point is.. Why the heck was i grey? lol... for attacking another guild members horse..
thats my point here. maybe that can be fixed or maybe thats just how it is.. but... guild mates can attack in town.. but our horses cant?
should be some kind of guild-linked control over a pet once a guild mate tames it.. or something i dunno kinda makes sense.. in a way, maybe thats just dumb. but if thats how it is. oh well lol

Did you heal the nightmare? Did the "all kill" command turn you gray? Can try to recreate it (obviously don't recall into town) to narrow down which action made you criminal?


No im good, im done with UO.
go recreate it your self.

tranith Wrote:No im good, im done with UO.
go recreate it your self.

lol, again?

How many times have you rage quit now?

The reason is because the horse was blue and not in your guild. The game doesn't keep track of guild member's horse vs not guild members horse when doing criminal checks.

If you use Razor, you can have it show that you're criminal in the title bar of UO.
There's also an option to have it query you before performing criminal acts.
Also, when recalling into town and you have any question about whether or not you're criminal, you can click yourself to see your own name color.

Habibi Jones Wrote:[Image: baby2.gif]

once again... jeeze.. yall need to make like micheal jacksons complexion mr.. and lighten up. its a game, can we remember this?

Halt Wrote:once again... jeeze.. yall need to make like micheal jacksons complexion mr.. and lighten up. its a game, can we remember this?

are you honestly going to start posting that in every thread? It might be a bug so cut it out nobody is laughing anymore

god damn 17 years old and still acts like this, grow up

your so grumpy smoke

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