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Static housing question

is there a way to sell a static back to look into buying a new one?

You could sell it to another player... Smile

thats the only way tho?

Mael Wrote:thats the only way tho?

Will check with the others and get back to you! =)

I see no problem with giving refunds for a static at the same percentage as normal houses. With a normal house, you get back about 90% of the total cost if you redeed and sell it, so we could match that.

how do u set a price on a static? some of them are realy uniq even those we donated for are one of the kind.
What will the price be on that? xD

Er, not sure about donation statics. Maybe we can demolish it and use the value of 90% of it for purchasing a new static without paying any gold out. (to avoid in-game gold for donations)

so should i page about this?

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