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NPC/MOB Loading issue?

This just started happening to me this evening...

I see all the decoration and detail etc...
but for some reason I can't see mobs or npc's..

I was around mobs that were casting spells at me...
it was like they were invisible and I could see the spells make a list on the lower left hand side.

But the strange thing is I can see some mobs and some NPCs...

Any ideas?

I just downloaded the entire IN files the other day..
and I run on a mac.

You probably have bf on :O

Mito Wrote:You probably have bf on :O

wow, I bet I do too.

not sure why I didn't think of that...

If I do, why would that eliminate mobs? Isn't battle focus supposed to be better for combat?

what a noob question.

It "hides" mobs that are in the other side of a wall, it won't show them again unless you do ,resend(inkj or /resync(razor?). Just do .BF and all will come back to normal!

PD: If you feel bad and want to give me some resources in game I'm ok with it.(Scrols and pots mostly please) My name in game its Reivax.

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