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Gaining Fame

humph I do get res'd kill a lot :X. brings my fame to 400.. then i get it back to 2k and thats about it haah.

Here's a hint to not losing fame on death: Use an ankh stone or portal, don't use a healer.

Also, PK's award karma and if I'm not mistaken, fame, if they have a lot more fame than you. That's some incentive to beat the griefing bastards for all their worth until they vacate. If they farm you for loot, well, farm them for fame. All's fair.

Felonious you are right, killing players (especially those with high fame) gives fame.

Dragons give 50 fame I believe so from 0 you would need to kill what 200 dragons without dying? I would just have a handy recall macro if you are worried about dying.

On IN1 I found a static ettin spawn that I killed over and over out in the middle of nowhere. Very little chance of being killed and you can do it with very little effort. Just watch for him to spawn and auto attack him with a melee weapon + shield.

I've been told that Ogre Lords give the highest fame. I tried killing Ogre Lords in an undisclosed location but they took like 6-8 EV's it seemed. Everything else kept respawning and distracting my EV's while the Ogre Lord destroyed them as well. Not really productive for time.

I'd recommend an area with a lot of mobs that you can unleash total carnage on, ones that are going to be obliterated by EV's and Blade Spirits.

I think my best luck with gaining fame came from fishing nets. If you do it safely, you get tons of fame from krakens and serpents, plus there's next to no chance of getting PK'd. This is also how I GM'd archery and made lots of moneys. :3

i figured all that with suggestions.. just the one day i was killing dragons, orge lords and it was saying i wasnt gaining any fame or karma at all.. my karam is 10k which i understand but my fame was only 1k... but it worked the other day so i just need to hit them.. i just remembed when i cast an ev i was gaining fame without hitting them... oh well

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