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Hello, Im new!
I read the rules but static houses and things werent too clear to me.. if i bought a house would i be able to place it somewhere in the wastelands?

I have chopped many a log but i have no where to sell them? how could i sell them?

What type of monster drops the Vanq weapons?

I keep walking past houses which look like they have... kind of disapeared and just been left with a base! That wouldnt happen to mine would it?

Welcome ! from what i know you can place your house anywhere in unguarded areas if it is not over a spawn or other static object.

You can sell your items from vendor in the shops , like the one south of britain bank.

You get weaps. drop randomly from monsters , you will get a crystal wich you click and get random weap. of it.

According to the F.A.Q. on the website, Static houses will never decay and the first 2 houses you own will not decay. Static houses are houses that are not used around the world, you can buy them or claim one as a donation reward.

Those houses you see only the base are custom houses that havent been built yet! they placed the base and left it there... houses dont decay so dont worry about that ;D
There are many people that buy logs, normally they sell for 10gp each!

thank you both guys, very helpeful!

one more question! i have bought a one room house, placed it, but i cant lock items to the floor, is there a way to do this? ive clicked my key then the item and it says it does nopt have a lock! thankyou x

You will need to use commands to lock things down.

Try saying "I wish to lock this down", and to release items "I wish to release this".

Thats what grendel said Schole, also you cant have secure containers at house, any locked container can be picked with a lockpick! so dont place chests outside your door with items in it thinking people wont be able to get them!
Only chest i think cant be picked is guild container if not wrong =]

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