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Mage Shops

Everytime i leave a mage shop either walk, run, recall from a mage shop i crash? Any ideas to why this is happening?

Did you try updating your files with the in-uo patcher ? Make sure you don't have any third party tools running while patching , there's a bug in the patcher for win 7 it say's everything is patched but some files does not copy (like static file) when in use.

Do the following:

1: Right-click Razor
2: Choose "Properties"
3: Go to the "Compatibility" tab
4: Tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"
5: Tick "Disable desktop composition"
6: Tick "Run this program as an administrator"
7 Click "Apply"


I dunno why, but I always had crashing problems with leaving the big tower in North Britain. On Sphere, on RunUO, on various client versions and on different computers... never figured out why, but it seems to have finally stopped.

I've been told that you should close NPCs life-bars when running away from them, but I have a hard time imagining that causing a crash.

I used to have the exact same problem, and the fix was simple. I did not open up any npc status bars when going up to them. If needing to know their names, I just clicked once for their name to pop up. Ever since I did it this way, no more crash!!

I got rid of the crashing out of minoc and birt now following thenu's way. thanks. Ill try and remember about the status bar not to bring them up at all. I always make sure all the status bars are closed because ive heard the same thing seem like on in1 it always crashed leaving the status bars up and going out of the npc's view.

to get a npc's name i always use ctrl+shift... its very effective to get names ;P
The only place i have problems with is with the buymore.. too many npcs in there and it shows names of npcs on the second floor =x

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