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El Classico in 1 hour! Woohoo!

The match between two best(imo) teams in the world is about to happen!!!;p Finally!!!!!! ;p
Theres ofc possibility that they'll meet in Champions Cup finals as well, which might be even better to watch than league match, but otherwise - to me this regular league game is actually more important than ECC finals between Bayern and Chelsea for example ;p

well, deserved win.

Real madrid <3<3<3!!!

Yea, finally RMA won. I myself not really a fan of any special team of these, I just love the way they play football. Because even if you hate FCB or RMA you have to admit - these guys just dominate ;p Highest display of skill nowdays...

So well, I'm just glad that intrigue is back in their games;p

Hala madrid! :d

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