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Trip to a strange dark island.

After dropping a few eaves on the so called sneaky rangers. Dread Pirate Kander decided to head to this dark island with Vampires and Deamons. His goal was not to spy on them but just to see what the hell they looked like. So after leaving Ninos bar Dread Pirate Kander was so inebriated on rum it would kill a normal human. He decided to steal a ship and find this island. For a hour he slowly walked around the docks till he found a ship with its plank open. As a true pirate drunk or not he hoisted up the sails and took off. Hours past and the sun went down and the moon was up. Still blurry eyed from all the rum he heard some splashing off the rear of the ship. Kander quickly ran to the back and saw the most beautiful mermaid in the world. As a true sea dog he started to lay down his pirate charm. Drunkenly he opened up his plank to allow the mermaid to enter the side of his ship. Right when the plank was open he felt a quick slap on his legs the felt like lizard scales. The first thing that came to his drunken mind was "Arrr we got a feisty one" so he jumped on her tail screaming like a tribal savage. With his blood a pumping he got closer and closer to her mouth trying to steal a kiss. Right when he was about press his lips upon hers he heard a loud roar. Suddenly the mermaid started to throw chunks of fish guts all over the stolen ships deck. "Arrr what be going on" Kander said, the smell of the rotten fish started to sober up the drunken pirate. Once his eyes started to fully adjust to all the action Kander realized that it was no mermaid but a sea serpent. "Avast you slimy sea dog, you cant fool me into making dirty sea worms with you" Kander said. He quickly pulled out his cutlass and slayed the tricky sea serpent and pushed it over the side of the ship. So after gathering him self up after so much action and hours of sailing drunk he decided to check his map to see where he was at. After looking at the map and the land beside him he only drifted out of the dock of Britain and into a cove just a few meters away. Kander out of anger said screw it and gathered him self up and set fire to the stolen ship. Then he headed back to Ninos for more rum.


Im not one of the best typer / story tellers around but I enjoy RPing as a pirate so my tales will always be pretty random.

And maybe some day I will make it to Serpents Hold to see where all this action is.

I like it. But then again, I seen Kander kissing a serpent just the other day. He wasnt saying "No!", "Don't", or "Stop". Seemed like he was enjoying it pretty good.

Shhhhh crew mates dont snitch on each other!

*Laughs* your a worry Kander

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