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The King's Rangers

( im not sure if im posting in the right section.. here is a very short story i have written to help form my RP guild "The King's Rangers" i dont have much time to write a bigger story as i am in the middle of alot of study, let me know what you think so far.. thanks.)

The King’s Ranger

Halt sat dorment in the branches of an old oak, watching as the Daemons and the Vampires held council in the second story of Daemon headquarters in Serpents Hold.
He had been sent here to investigate the rumours that a war was about to unleash between the Elves and the Vampires. From where Halt sat he could see Aralith and Nate seated closest to the window, and the voice of QiQi somewhere out of sight discussing the elves residents in Yew and there plans to expand throughout the area.
A bird landed close to halt with a rush and snapped a small branch with a “sqwawk!”. Nate’s eyes shot across to the window and peered out into the darkness. Halt sat perfectly still, trusting his shroud with its mottled green and grey unique pattern to hide him as it had on so many other occasions. “what is it?” Aralith asked. “ J’i thought I could smell Kip Lods, Let us discuss this another time Be’Ni, where hidden ears are not present, QiQi take the plans to the study, lock them in the drawers.” “J’i am not your slave nathanial do it yourself!” she growled. “hmmph”. Halt watched as Nate spat out of the window and stormed off.
Moments later a candle flickered on in a window higher up the castle, followed by Nate chanting “Kal Ort Por” paired with a flash of light.
Aralith and QiQi copied the chant and vanished in a clap of bright blue light.
Halt un-wrapped a rope he had brought with him, he searched for a thick strong looking branch and tied the rope off, he then tied the other end around a dagger he had brought with him to form a make-shift Grappling hook. The Ranger swung the hook 3 times before releasing and sending it sailing high into the study room. Halt gave it a firm tug to make sure it was secure, then set about climbing the wall of the castle.
It was dark as he entered through the window so he lit a small candle and drew the curtains closed. The search for the plans was an easy one, in Nate’s rush he had forgotten to lock the drawer. Halt smirked and tucked the documents into his satchel. “ K’ Tal kip lods” Halt shuddered, Nate stepped out from the corner of the study, he growled viciously and QiQi and Aralith appeared next to him. Halt grabbed the make-shift grappeling hook and launched it at Nate’s chest, he then grabbed a close candle holder and used it to Zip-line down the rope before disappearing into the forests of Serpents Hold.

hail there Ranger

good to see another guild that is on the side of virtue. If you need any assistance feel free to make a visit to Vanguard. We have our guild house within the Trinsic city limits.

*spits on the boots of the good*

You are quite lucky mortal to have lived to tell such a tale.

Make no mistake, your luck will soon be at an end should you spend too much more time anywhere near our Lair again.


Xyn, i believe you underestimate the powers a Ranger has to stay hidden yet close, so close i could tap you n your cold, dead shoulder. Fal, thank-you for this offer and if i am ever in need i will keep this in mind. Kander do not take my adventure as a sign of good, i am just as on your side as i am on the side of virtue. If you are ever in need of my intelligence, which im sure you could use.. i have much information.

Intelligence!?!?!?! As a pirate I am in no need of your intelligence!!!! Your gold and rum is what fills my hearts desire. Maybe you will be the one seeking out the help from the Pirates of Dark Water.

It was quite a mission there halt! Venturing into their castle!! Very brave!! We elves are lucky to have such brave as lle on our side! We will be prepared for any attacks those night children have to offer!

“War is coming elves, do not expect your bows and you trees to protect you, these foul Daemons and Vampires care little for cuts and bruises, your going to need real power and ferocity to even have a chance against them, their numbers are forever growing while your numbers stay unchanged while Craditz is in his sick bed. I have seen a hundred wars in my time and take my advice, you need to seek help from whom ever you can, do not pass up Darken-Rahl, the dragon kin are few but there fire breathe will shake the vampires to their cold dead heart. Seek help from the Dwarves, their mighty hammers will crush any Daemon skull, Gotrek Gurnesson and Bloodrock are supreme wielders of the heavy two handed axe and they will take a toll even if it costs them their life. Heed my warning Raziel, if you do not step up and ask for help you will die and your trees will burn. I will seek out John Falstaff, I suggest you and Mael seek out the others.” Halt strode swiftly out of the room and outside in to the forests of Yew. It was cold in this damp region so he pull his cloak a little tighter than usual before climbing upon Abalard, his trusted horse for over 17 years.
It was a long trip to Trinsic so Halt took shelter in the Ranger Huts outside of Skara Brae for a rest before setting off once again to call on the Vanguards for help.
The Ranger reached the walls of Trinsic as the sun faded and darkness over took the Sand-Stone City.
Halt entered The Travelers Inn of Trinsic and was met by the stares of the Innkeeper and his wife, they were not used to seeing men like Rangers and the mystery the surrounded them and there abilities to seemingly meld into the shadows left the common folk wondering if black magic was involved. “Greetings” the Innkeeper said, with a slight quiver in his voice. “Hail sir, ma’am, my name is Halt, I am of the King’s Rangers and on official business, is there a warm meal I may order?” “Of course lord, at once!” replied the rather over weight man. “I am no ones lord Innkeeper; I told you my name I expect you to use it, thank-you” The lady served Halt a pint of beer before ushering him over to a warm table by the fire.
It was a quiet night at the Inn and after he finished his meal and handed over a few gold he booked a room and headed upstairs for some much need rest and time to clear his thoughts on the day he had ahead of him.

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