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Crimson Brotherhood

Spinning dagger in hand, Locke waits crouched behind a small farmer’s fence waiting for the last rays of light from the day to disappear.

“Where are the others?” demands Rio, leader of the night’s raid. “It’s almost time”

Standing up Locke casually answers back “They’ll be here, guards watch the path to the North pretty heavily, probably just got held up”. Rio nods and squints his eyes “There! There they are!” pointing to shadows moving on the other side of the field. Motioning toward the house Rio smiles and whispers “Locke, you’re up”

Walking toward the farm house Locke fingers his dagger under his cloak and knocks on the door. After seeing an old man through the window, Locke shouts “Excuse me sir! Can you help? My horse has fallen ill on the way to the castle.” Locke waits and eventually the door creaks open. “The castle?” asks the old man looking Locke up and down. “Yes sir, very important business” Locke answers back “Perhaps even a reward when the council hears of your assistance” Locke smiles and grips his dagger. “Oh now” the old man starts “I have no need for coin or treasure, simply aiding the crown is good enough a reward for me” and motions for Locke to enter the house. The old man slowly closes the door and looks around “A bit too dark in here for company, eh?” and lights a candle in the window. Shuffling toward the fireplace the old man asks “So, what can I do for you now?”

Locke takes a step forward “Well you see..” he starts, but is interrupted by the sound of horse hoofs and the clank of metal armor coming from outside. Locke quickly dashes for the door and flings it open to see his brothers rushing into combat with some of the crowns finest. Locke stood in the doorway stunned to see so many heavily armored guards and hears a slight chuckle coming from the old man’s direction. “You knew!” shouts Locke “This was you!” Locke’s eyes dart to the candle the old man lit when he first arrived and pulls the dagger out from his cloak. The old man begins to back up “The guards! They made me! Even offered me gold and protection!” Locke jumps toward the old man as he continues to plead for his life and swiftly puts a dagger in his chest whispering to the old man as he guides the body to the floor “ Where is your protection now old man? Both man and god have left you here to die.” Locke removes the dagger from his chest and continues “The power and privilege of righteousness is coming to an end, Anarchy is gripping this land. embrace it.” Locke bolts to the door to aid his brothers in combat but is smashed in the face with a shield by an entering guard and everything goes black.

Waking up alone in a stable, lying in blood soaked hay Locke tries to recall what happened after the old farmer’s death. Am I caught? “No” he whispered “They would have just killed me.” Then how did I get here he wondered. Did anyone from the attack survive? Rio? Any of the others? He pondered for a while trying to see through the blood smeared on his face until he heard footsteps approaching. From the other side of the room where he lay he heard a voice “Well don’t you look pretty” it said. Out of instinct Locke’s hand goes for his dagger “Who’s there”? he demands.

“Rio” the voice answers. “The rest are dead.” The room goes silent.
Rio finally breaks the silence “What now?”
“We strike back” Locke answers

“We must do more than just resist this tyrant they call a king and his virtues. His crown is corrupt and his hand brings death to those who refuse to obey his tyrannical laws.
Too long they have chased us, branded us with the name of brigand and criminal, casted us out in the cold and forced us to live in the shadows. Now. Here.On this spot.We fight. We build an army so powerful it shakes the heavens and all those who dare oppose us will know the name of the Crimson Brotherhood.”

The Crimson Brotherhood is now Recruiting!

We are an "Evil" based roleplaying guild that is currently building it own town(In a secret location!) shh! ..and will help new players collect gold and place a house here. Theyre currently still a good amount of spots where we are but they may be taken soon!
Guild decisions work like a Democracy as to what we need to focus on or when we go to war,etc. We are all equal.
All members must stay in character at all times when in public and wear guild colors - Black and Red. (Remember we are bad guys!)

We will soon have a fully equiped training area for new players or players who wish to create a new character to join. All are welcome!

We plan to have guild events within our own ranks as well as interacting with other roleplaying guilds (in the forming RPA)
such as territory wars and raids.

Either send me a PM here or in game with any questions or invite requests.

these guys are really good Rpers so if you're a chaos type player or a criminal/thief type you should try to join The Crimson Brotherhood

Vice is gonna need a strong guild. Looks like it's 5-1 in favor of Virtue already

Please contact me ingame Locke or PM me on forums so that I can ask you a few questions about your RP. Very good story by the way! I look forward to reading more!

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