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Restarting server this Sunday - Lots of improvements!

We haven't decided all the new locations yet, and when we do it will be up to the players to find them Wink

Boooo! ok no worries that makes sense lol

These changes seem to be so waited and so loved it's almost like an expansion for WOW Tongue

'new mustang script'

Please explain.
Just a new mount? Spawns relocated? Respawn timers changed? what?

Mustangs will now have their own creature type and not simply be recoloured horses. We will slowly phase out existing spawns and replace them with "true" mustangs. In some cases they will be exactly the same in appearance, but will have better stats, in other cases the new mustang may have a slightly different (hopefully better) appearance.

You can also expect an increase in the number of spawns for low or medium skill mustangs to allow for the increase in player numbers in recent months. The changes are aimed to make things more organised for the staff when creating spawns, give mustangs some small bonus other than a nice appearance, and to provide enough supply for the increased player base and number of tamers such that (we hope) we may see more use of mustangs and a better economy in mount trading.

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