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*FIXED* Dull Copper, spyglass and Sorcerer's Delight.

  1. I've found some Dull Copper in the corpse of an Ant Lion. Maybe some other monsters carry it.

  2. When you sell a House Placement Tool, you sell a spyglass instead. For something like nothing.

  3. NPC named Harold in the Sorcerer's Delight [northern mage shop] sells twice more reagents. I don't mean 300 instead of 150, I mean he sells everything he has twice. (Like additional Black Pearl on the list.)

Don't know if I should use the template, because I'm not sure some of these are bugs.

1. Fixed for next restart.
2. Yeah the name issue happens with other items too, not really sure how to fix that.
3. Hmm that's actually a glassblower, he should have a different title and sell different stuff. Fixed for next restart.

Thanks Smile

Thank you!

I'll try to find how to fix the 2nd issue in scripts.

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