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Bandits Shop: SALE!

Selling Barbed, Horned and Spined Leather Armors 30% off! 20k, 15k, 10k!!!
Exceptional Barbed Leather Armor has an AR of 50! And its on sale now for 20k! That is like buying Oceanic armor for 20k... Whatsmore is these Leathers have been dyed various attractive and sexy colors to add a little pimp in your step. Don't miss this sale! Come check out the Bandits shop next to the Brit Butchers today!:

[Image: Lamby_3-13_10.11-1.jpg]

Vendor Maris: Leather Armors
Vendor Horace: Plate Armors

New vendor in the Bandits shop. Lots of rides for sale. Good prices. Check them out today!

Little known fact: the Bubblegum Llama provides a relatively inexpensive way to make big gains in taming if added to your group taming macro. It is as difficult to tame as some high end spawns and so will provide the gains you'd expect from a much more expensive ride.
You can find the Bubblegum Llama and other great rides on sale at the Bandits shop next to Brit butcher.

added oceanic zos! oooo zos Big Grin

New prices! New rides! Don't settle for the same old shire horse or plain Llama anymore. Ride proud! Ride in style! Bandits shop has what you need. (located next to brit butcher.)

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