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[Easy Uo] Magery-Meditation-Evo Int. Script?

Hey Guys! I need an Magery Script... my Problem i really dont know anything about EasyUo and dont know how i write a Script about Magery!

Can me Help anyone Plz???

I´m not a fan of easy uo but i can explain you to use Razor for it.

As u can see it work realy fine for me

Just contact me about PM if u like
sry i know my english suxx Big Grin

Dont you know how to use razor?! its so much easier to gm magery with it.. easyuo i use for more complex macros...
Yet, if you really cant use or dont want to use razor i can write an easyuo macro for you!

I'd say it's about teaching a man how to fish, but in reality I'm just lazy. Here is the old one I made for INX and seems it was improved by Raziel later on. You could use that as a basis but I'm pretty sure meditation works different now. I picked magery at 90 and I've not seen any valid reason to macro it past that yet.

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