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Visual Studio 11 Beta (and windows 8 beta) Released today.

Lame-sauce, on top of lame. Not Visual Studio that looks pretty sweet, but win8. Rolleyes

Windows 8 is pretty cool from a developers perspective Wink

Look up WinRT (windows runtime)

Multicore compilation on default is pretty sweet, will save A LOT of time in big unconfigured projects. It will also be interesting to see how the productivity rises in VS11 with the new UI improvements.

Where the heck can I find the Windows 8 Beta. I looked on Microsoft last night and they have like a 50MB preview thing. Seems a bit small for an OS.

lol eru.. the 50mb thing is a web installer ;p


good lord... just finished installing Windows 8 beta... so much better than the developer preview. The whole process has been absolutely beautiful. I'm a sucker for metro, I guess.

Also, IE 10 just totally autocorrected my typos... and is auto capitalizing words like "I"

Why you using Internet Explorer, broseph? Big Grin

I'll have to download it later. My ISP decided that they have an outage on internet and that they "may fix it tomorrow." Who the hell says that?

IE10 is quite a bit faster. ...which lets me download and install chrome faster ;\

I'm sorely tempted to install it to experience Metro. Will clean up one of my hard drives, partition it off and try it out over the weekend probably.

Some metro apps are awesome... Some
Metro apps are complete UI failures. It's really hit and miss, unfortunately.

The install experience is beautiful. ...visual studio, however, now lacks most visual queues. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the two themes released with this.

The main reason I'm excited about metro is it's finally setting a consistent visual style that hopefully developers will follow.

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