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New vendor mall!

The old vendor mall Buymore has been replaced with the new and improved Buymore 2.0!
It's in the same location but you need to updated your files using the INPatcher to see it.

Plenty of room for new vendors to be placed.

Just in case you missed it in the town crier forums. The new buy more vendormall has been upgraded. Please use INPatcher.exe to patch the static files and see the updated building.

[Image: newvendormall.jpg]

[Image: newvendormall3.jpg]

Looks good.
Now people just need to sort their crap so its actually possible to find what you are looking for. Learn to place descriptive books next to chests that tell whats in them.

Some people have descriptions on items, without needing books. Any idea how to do that?

Azzo Wrote:Some people have descriptions on items, without needing books. Any idea how to do that?

When you add an item you can enter both a price and a description (2000 +25 Vanq Xbow), if you only enter a description it won't be for sale, e.g. 'Bag of Armor'.

With the new vendor search that is being developed, items that are not for sale will not be shown unless they are containers (bags, pouches, etc).
So for those players that put out a single item with a ridiculous expensive price(mainly ingots/boards/scrolls/pots) as a descriptor (looking at you Robin Hood,Harold Miner, Bungah, etc), those items are going to clutter the results.

That was changed after last restart though... before you could only mark containers as not-for-sale. Now you can mark all items as not-for-sale.

If your gonna run a vendor there are tips and basic ideas of how to run one -
Personally if there is a bag in a bag i close it and move to the next vendor I don't like to waste an hour searching through players crap

Looks awesome I like all the detail inside.

This looks awesome!!! Good work guys!

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