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A wee quest for players :)

Quest time! Legend says there be four keys hidden away in the dungeon's of this realm. Any of these four keys, open a chest,you should seek. First one to open the chest shalt find some golden treasure inside. One key be hidden in the depths of a hot dungeon, One key be hidden in the depths of a cold dungeon, One key be hidden in the depths of a keep west of Papua and last but not least a key in a dungeon on the Isle Of Fire.Yet, finding the key is not yet the prize for thou must goto to the deviation of right to find the locked chest that you seek.

Good luck!

Very exciting! Unfortunately, I can't take part due to writing deadlines, but best of luck to those that seek the keys and treasure! Big Grin

Congratulations to DCollisionD, first one to the treasure chest. Close race as a few other's were making their way to the chest!

Took 1 hour but we got there Big Grin

Grats, DCollisionD! Well played! and commiserations to the people that came close! Big Grin

Edit: I guess it can't hurt to ask now; so what was the prize?

30k and a "Treasure Hunter Hat" (unnewbied). Thanks to staff, more events like this please!!

Ill leave that for DCollisionD to disclose if he feels like it. But, since so many of you seemed stumped on "deviation of right".... We tried to help but unfortunately some were'nt thinking outside the box. It was "wrong"

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