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Help with blacksmith macro on razor


I got this macro for razor off these forums, I added container 10 as a bag and Ive tried restock agent as a bag, iron ignots directly and my own pack. Nothing seems to work, never restocks ignots

this is the macro

Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Restock Agent-4
// make dagger
// smelt it
Assistant.Macros.HotKeyAction|0|Organizer Agent-10

Looks like it's trying to restock ingots with Restock Agent 4, then move gold with Organizer Agent 10. So, set Restock agent 4 to get ingots, then change the Absolute Target to the bag you're restocking from.

For Organizer 10, add gold, then target a bag in your bank. That should restock if you're low, then move gold to the bank after you sell it.

Or actually, I ignored the part that says 'smelt it'. I dunno what the Organizer Agent is for in that case. 0_o

Did you try the macros that I made? If you go to the Patcher's tools menu, then go to Install Sample Razor Macros, it'll make an "Imagine Nation" group in your Razor macros that should have one for smithy with more comments.

OK, I went to Restock Agent 4 and clicked on my Iron Ignots. Then I went to absolute target and went retarget, selected the bag they are sitting in my bank. Clicked on play and it still doesnt work

I installed your sample macro but it was pretty simple

Have you tested that the agents work outside of the macro?

You can assign them hotkeys and try doing it manually in-game.

EDIT: You assign the hotkey in the Hot Keys tab in Razor.

ash I bet I know... make sure there is a counter added for iron ingots named "ingot" and make sure it's checked. it may need to be named "ingots"

I'm using this BS razor macro, its all working ok till I run out of ingots then I get the message "No item of type iron ingot%s (1BEF) found!" just wondering if anyone can point out where I maybe going wrong?

You run out of ingots. Likely means your restock agent isn't working right.

ok yeah, found the issue, was not aware of restock and organise agents within razor. Thought the macro itself handled that but after some exploring of the setting and forum I managed to work out how to set them and it is all working now.

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