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Lonely Hearts Weekend! (skillboost)

Valentine's Day is coming up and we thought we would also do something nice for all the singles out there.

Starting Friday 10th at 8pm server time GMT+1/UTC+1 (2pm EST) and ending on Monday 13th 6am server time (midnight EST) skills will be up to twice as fast to train! For a detailed list on all skills visit our main website

Let's try get 100 players online! I've promised that when we hit 100 players all active players will get something special and we will have a whole skillgain week! Considering we had about 80 players online just yesterday getting 100 players shouldn't be too difficult.


Since we hit 100 players I'm going to extend the skillgain bonus for the whole next week as promised!

"for all the singles" meaning all the people with no dates who are going to stay home and play UO instead. Tongue

Mega single, har har. *burp* *tear* *fart*

or afk macro all weekend while they go out

or just go single in this weekend and go back after.

I'll go single so i don't have to buy gift and still play uo haha

well that night ill go single.. :twisted:


Are you sure... blacksmithy is still soooo slow. =P

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