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The Bloodrock Clan [Orc]

The morning was cold, and the dark breeze blew over the mountains surrounding the dungeon known today as Shame. The Terjuk’abruk clan had stopped to rest before
the sun had risen, preparing for the big day they had ahead of them. Most orcs were telling of old war stories around the fire, or playing games and having a good time. All
but one cub, her name was Shin'Di.

Shin'Di was perched on a log with her head bowed. The orcish warlord Irkagnurak came to the cub and asked what she was doing. Shin'Di
did not answer, the warlord asked again but still Shin'Di did not answer. This angered the lead orc and he quickly powerfully kicked the cub over. Shin'Di looked up in
disbelief. Irkagnurak asked why the cub had not answered him and Shin'Di told him that she was praying to Belok. Irkagnurak laughed and told Shin'Di not to waste her time.The Terjuk’abruk clan was mightier than any, and they had no need to pray to gods. He told Shin'Di that the only person she needs to listen to is him, and that he didn’t want to see Shin'Di praying again.

After only a few minutes the warlord, Irkagnurak called everyone up, within seconds all of the clan was on their way to sack the human town of Trinsic.
Upon the clans arrival to Trinsic, Irkagnurak organized his troop. He told the cubs to stay behind and hide while the clan fought. His plan was perfect, and his warriors untouchable in battle. He believed he would have no trouble sacking Trinsic. Irkagnurak yelled and gave the order to charge.
The orcs charged down the road toward Trinsic. Suddenly all of the mages of theclan collapsed from their mounts. The clan stopped abruptly to see what had happened to them. The mages stood up and prepared to patch their wounds, however they no longer had the power to utilize their magic. This was a horrible turn of events for the orcs. The orc mages had never been without their powers since Krull’nuk had given them the ability.

Unaware that the rest of the clan was not still behind him Hurkidug-the strongest of orcish captains, charged alone at the first gate. He met a human at the first bridge and swung his war hammer with such power that even Belok himself would have been knocked on his back. However the human seemed unscathed. Again he hit the human,
with the same effect. Hurkidug paused in disbelief, the human quickly stabbed his sword through Hurkidug’s chest and pulled it back out. Hurkidug fell from his mount and lay bleeding on the bridge. Seeing what had happened the other orcs began to charge at the human, but he had enough of a head start to flee.
“Fleshi heem!” yelled Irkagnurak, but to his amazement the spirit of Hurkidug could not be felt by any orcs, not even the Shaman. The orcs could not believe that their most mighty warrior had fallen so easily to a human, and that they could not bring him back into the fight. Soon a group of humans came charging toward the group of orcs. The archers fixed their bows and arrows, and fired relentlessly at the coming humans. However they could not seem to pierce the humans armor, even the lightly cladded humans were left unharmed.

The orcs then realized what had happened, the gods had left them.
Without the ability to use magic, give life, or take life; they had been rendered worthless as a fighting force. “REETREED” Screamed Irkagnurak. The orcs began to
run out of the town when they spotted humans coming down the road towards them. The clan came to an quick stop and was quickly surrounded by humans. Even the cubs were
herded to the middle as they were easily seen by the advancing army. The humans closed in and began cutting down the orcs, as the orcs still could not seem to hurt them.
Amongst the falling orcs lay a small cub bent over himself. Irkagnurak peered down and saw that it was the same cub that he had yelled at earlier. “Stub Hydun en fyt!” he yelled. He took a spear from an orcs corpse and poked Shin'Di in the side with it. Shin'Di told him that he was not hiding, he was praying to Belok. The warlord asked
what he had said, and Shin'Di told Irkagnurak that it was his fault the clan was being destroyed, and it was Belok’s will that he should die. Filled with rage Irkagnurak spun
around to kill Shin'Di, but Shin'Di quickly evaded. Shin'Di ran to Hurkidug’s corpse and picked up his war hammer. She charged at Irkagnurak, and swung with all her might. She landed a blow upon the warlord’s chest and he was killed instantly.
Almost immediately the other orcs regained their power, and began to fight the humans back. The orcs were highly outnumbered but fought with such might that they
broke through the circle of enemies and were able to retreat. Most had been slaughtered, but a few still remained. The orcs made it back to their fort, and wished to congratulate Shin'Di on saving the clan. Shin'Di however told them that she must be leaving for a clan who values the gods more than the Terjuk’abruk clan had. And so she left.

Shin'Di traveled for many moons, until she had found the Bloodrock fort. There she met a mighty orc named Waruk. Waruk told Shin'Di that there had been no news
from the gods in many moons, and that Shin'Di had found the wrong clan. Shin'Di decided that she would stay with the Bloodrock Clan, in hopes that the Gods would return.
Waruk would go on to train Shin'Di, and help her become a powerful warrior. However soon after Shin'Di had become a grunt Waruk left the clan. Shin'Di never learned where
he had gone, and what had happened to him since.
Shin'Di then trained to become a warrior, and she continued to hold the gods in high esteem, even though they had still not come back. One day while at the fort,
Shin'Di decided to search for Belok. She traveled to the land of Belok and spent much time there. She searched for days it would seem, but could not find the god within his
domain. Shin'Di left that place, however the things she had seen had caused her to become crazy. She was sent away from the clan in hopes that she would not hurt any of the clan.

Shin'Di eventually overcame her illness and then came back to the clan. But when she returned for a split second she wished the illness would have claimed her. Her former clan was no more. All she could see were slaughtered corpses. And those who werent dead should have been. Mindless primitive shells. Fighting eachother for scraps of food and pieces of other fallen orcs. Their eyes black and hollow. Their skin discolored and deformed. What had happened to her clan was this a curse? Was this human magic? Or were we just damned by the blood god himself for not believing? In this moment any other living thing would have given up. Not Shin'Di. "Why have you forsaken us Belok!?" she shouted at the churning storm that was building up. "I will not give up! I will rebuild! I still BELIEVE!" Just at that moment the sky opened up and poured like it hasnt in seasons. Shin'Di looked for the nearest shelter and spoted the hut still intact. She ran over hoping none of these cursed orcs had gotten in. When she entered to her suprise the hut was still somewhat tidy. She observed the room. Beside the bed was a chest that seemed to have an aura around it. She tried to open it but to no avail. She could sense there was some type of magic keeping it locked. Exhausted from the journey back to the fort she could not focus on the chest any longer. "Ill deal with you tomorrow." She murmured to the chest. She got into bed glad to be out of wet clothes. Closing her eyes and focusing on all the sounds of the wild always put her to sleep the fastest. Her last words to herself as she drifted off were usually the same prayers every night. "The Bloodrock Clan will live on. Even if i have to lead them myself." Shin'Di lied awake a few moments longer praying to Belok, and hoping that in the clans time of need Belok will instill the power in her to save her brothers once again. She thought to herself "Now its time for much needed rest. What has happened to my people? What will tomorrow bring? What is in that ch-" Shin'Di was fast asleep....


Hope whoever might read this enjoyed the small glimpse into Shin'Di's life. This is only but a small taste of more to come.
With this story i only request a few things. Cosmetic things of course.
A skin hue with perma orc helm/mask. And maybe some special colored clothes as i am played the high priestess/leader of the Bloodrock Clan.
Lastly as i have worked hard and been around for a bit on my character id like a name change to Shin'Di if possible.

Thank you in advance.

Story disapproved due to plagiarism.

Shin'Di are you from the normal Bloodrock Clan with Nerull and Omeg , Thigog and others?

He is not, this story was stolen from another forum and thus disapproved. He won't get any items.


Damn. Im a old Urk from the Bloodrock and was msged from another member 2 days ago saying this guy wasnt a member of the Hai.

Haha, sorry I know this is bringing up an old post, however, I am the original writer of this story. I wrote it originally when I was in highschool around 2001ish. One of our elder's Ne'rull found it on our old forums a while back and reposted it to our newer forums. You may find it here. Glad to see someone read and actually enjoyed it.

Yulakgh/Krug'gruk - Bloodrock Clan

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