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Link to Imagine Nation!

If you have a UO or gaming related site, it is a big help if you link to us since that increases visitors from other places, plus it helps with our Search Engine rankings.

Here's a guide with code for HTML pages and for forums:

A few notes: Don't link to us from a place where it wouldn't be welcome (i.e: another shard's forums). Just places that are tasteful and relevant. Smile

Thanks everyone! I'm loving this recent growth and want to see it keep up.

added, but make beter key-baner

add some information about server on russian uo portal

Which portal would that be? Can I get a link? Also, a translation into russian would be nice. Tongue

Quote:Recreating the best UO era with Sphere 0.51a playstyle but running on RunUO makes us unique. Friendly players (mostly) and staff to help newcomers. RP/PvP, custom quests, bonus starting skills and much, much more. Be a part of something better, welcome to Imagine Nation!
ilnk, but its 1st msg, later i remake

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