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Non-Supplied PVP Tourney This Weekend

I guess everyone is busy due to long weekend ?

Will it seems that there is not much interest other then from a few so I will be playing it by ear when we have the most people active. It will be happening tomorrow, Sunday, time will all depend on you guys.

aww... i was hoping it would be today since ill be out of town tomorrow Sad

yea I was hopping it would be today, tomorrow it will be hard. You should set an hour to the event. You are making a favor for them hosting the event its not them making a favor to you attending it...

5pm server time it will happen today, so in a hour. I would hold it later but I have to go to a BBQ. Will see how it goes and if not a nice turn out we will have to do it next weekend.

That was fun. Any chance I can get me trophy to put it up in the bar? Big Grin

bump Smile

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