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Looking for a few people from IN1/2

Sorry to make a new topic about this, but i'm looking for some info/contacts on some people i used to play with. Don't really remember the guilds name but i remember Rackull, Amrita, Alystin, Pegaso and a few others. Hopefully some of them still check these forums or someone has their contacts.


Rackull here, you can catch me by email at rackull [at] gmail [dot] com.

You can always send me a message and I'll add you to facebook.

Cheers Wink

amrita doesnt really use the web much anymore

pegaso still hosts phantasya i think, google phantasya uo server or something like that.

gives me an idea actually...

phant is still up in some form or another? crazy..

I am just as surprised.

Selling Forges and Anvils, 15k Each, 25k for both.
Selling Looms and Spinning Wheels, 15k Each, 25k for both.
Selling Water Troughs, 10k Each
Help me help you, contact info in my profile.

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