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How many are still here from IN1/2??

20-30 real ppl its good for first time, i think more inx xuo-ers come try too. more ppl out inx becpuse all resourse realy fast search/asking frined etc.


There already is a community (small one) right here. We are just missing a game. I'm sure everyone wishing for a new shard has very fond memories of UO, as do I, but UO is way too old to offer anything new anymore. Let's face it, if there is anything innovative done with UO (Nasir's account system or web client for example) it's done outside the actual game.

Maybe we could move on from UO as a platform and actually try something new? I just don't see a game with old 2d tile based client appealing to anyone other than people who are here for reminiscences.

Well it's not just the staff that's aprehensive with starting a shard. We need a server that we don't have. We need a administrator that we don't have, And we would need a dev team wich we kind of have. All we really have is a seer and a few gms saying they are willing to help. Well without the rest of the stuff there isn't much else to do.

Why not look at something else, like WOW or something. With a decent staff of truly dedicated people you could probably create something good.

Sorry im a WoW hater.. Don't care much for that game at all. Don't think it's anything close to uo... Im not in on that one Sad

Hey Nasir, who were you on SWG. Beast and I are too old to remember back that far.

Ean Highmoor

I've got a lot of ideas that I think will manage to bring in players, KEEP them, and build and engage a community, but it would be a bit of work and I'd need a competent scriptor (or we could just use some pre-built RunUO scripts)

The basic idea is to make the game as simple and enjoyable as possible, while engaging the community and letting them have a hand in the building of quests, storylines etc.

Some ideas I have for easing gameplay:

Auction System: (premade script) Allow people to sell stuff through a more convenient system. Eliminating the need for vendors which take up space and are a hassle to sort through. Also functions as a gold sink if you add an auction fee (possibly based on the price of the item). HUGE stimulus to the economy.

Trash Token System: All the shit items that are on bodies can now be dropped into a trash can (like the newbied trash can) and you are rewarded by tokens that can be either converted to gold or used to buy special items. This will streamline the selling process (drop the junk into your trashbag, you get the tokens in your pack). No recalling to various places to sell junk, less horded items, more interest and fun.

Community Oriented:

Build-A-Quest: A GM can create a story in the forum, along with an accompanying quest in-game. At some point, the quest line will end and the people who completed it will be given a chance to vote for the next step in the quest chain, which will then be added the next week, etc.

Example: Some NPC gives you a quest to find some magical MacGuffin and after gathering some information, you find out that it could be either in some Dragon's lair, or in an ancient Crypt. The people would then vote on where to search first, so the next step would be determined by the players, then built by the GM. The next week, new bit of story, and a new bit of quest chain.

When one quest chain ends, there may be the normal reward and also a special reward for the people who complete it within the first week/month, etc. Once a new quest-game starts, the quest will stay in the game, but the bonus reward is no longer available.

Making Staff's Jobs Easier:

I'd be willing to try to write a program that would automate the quest-text building. That way the GM could simply input some speech text, triggers, rewards, etc, and the program would output the text needed to copy/paste into the XMLQuest dialog. Shouldn't be too hard to do, *knocks on wood*.

Ugh, I have so many ideas but I have to go do homework now.

I'd love to help build a new shard. The only thing is, I think that it should be a staff run shard. This seems like a "well, duh" statement, but I think that the problem that we had was that we weren't able to innovate, try new things, etc, because we always tried to listen to the players before doing anything, and then canceled the idea at the slightest opposition. (this doesn't mean ignore players, it means staff build things and implement them and then we fix major bugs if they arise and fix major complaints IF they're valid)

I think that a few intelligent, fun-loving developers can create a fun, addictive, easy-playing shard that will keep players. I think that the difficulty should be relatively LOW for 90% of the game, while adding a few difficult bosses and dungeons for the more elite players.

I'd love to talk to some staff in Vent or teamspeak if this is actually going to happen so I can share my other ideas without getting carpel tunnel. :<

Sorry for the giant wall of text.


If you all want to give it a try you can surely count me in Wink

[Image: sphinxb.jpg]

Im in start the shard

seems like everyone is counted in.. Just seems like no one has a server or somone who wants to take charge.. If nothing is done by the time I go on vacation I will set one of my spare computers up as a server and see what everyones ping to it is.. If it's good or atleast semi good I will look further into trying to get a shard up and running... Time will tell.

i have a good computer to work as a server, but for the moment here in portugal our internet connections are very bad. I have a 30Mb download speed with 1Mb of upload. Here they give a lot of download speed with a maximum of 2 or 3Mb of upload. They are starting the optic fiber installation but the story will remain the same with the speeds, and the cost? well, it isn't cheap... I pay 60€ for a 30Mb connection.
Dedicated servers with good connections (but with a 2TB of traffic) are at least 90€/100€ per month :\.

We can beg for some money, lol. We did it in the past. Something cheap just to start...

btw, is anyone here who plays lineage II? If yes, where?
It's the most addicting game i've found since UO and the style is almost the same...
What about a server of lineage? lol.

I'm in for a new shard! Without that xuo features... I think a in:r base for start is fair... I dont know if this can be done but a skill cap only on crafting skills would be nice...

ps: maybe im not that in on a new shard, cuz i have to study work...

I'm on top of it!

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