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What compairs??

Just wondering. What game is close to uo?
Don't say WoW I played that and I don't think it is ANYTHING like uo. Sorry WoW fans. I just didn't like that game at all.
Just wondering what is closest to uo? Alot of people say that in:x and IN and Xuo are all dead because the game is old. Well your right it is. But if there isn't another game like it then who care's how old it is. If you show it to someone that never heard of it tomorrow they would never no the game was over 10 years old. Also it's old but there are 1000's of people paying 13 dollers a month to play it still..
Anyhow I got off topic a bit. Just wondering what game is close to uo. Im looking for something else to play. And or thinking about just going back to osi.

uo 2 Smile but its only mind


You could try checking out Darkfall Online or Mortal Online. They both try to be the new UO. There is no private server that I know of so you'll have to play the official servers. Neither is my cup of tea, but you might like one of them if you are looking for something similar to UO. I myself would welcome something completely new.

i read more about dark fall, but not read about mortal, and i never like play on off server, not knowwhy maybe becouse not try it, but in uo always play only on nos-xuo style server from 2000 yearm try play on more other but never play more 1-2 month.
litlle try play in perfect world but anyway pvp style like we have in uo, only in uo(try wow, dragon age and more mmoprg) Now wait Heroes online, but its other(but its stay in beta 2 year).

Viz Wrote:game was over 10 years old.

realy 14 years Smile
1st nos was in 99


Guess that is why uo is still up and running. Nothing really seems to be anything like it. Can't roam a free world with 1000 other people and can't make custom house's or wep,armor,ect ect ect...
Looks like I might go back to playing on the catskills if it is still there on osi... Wish I could get my old char back.. Played him for almost 4 years.

Darkfall comes pretty close in almost all aspects but the feel, it is a bit darker than UO. I think its an OK game that keeps getting better with more and more UO features added all the time.

Darkfall is soon about to add player vendors:p

Also, here is a really good group pvp vid from their spotlight section:

More vids here:

Edit: Some good reading too.

Edit2: DF 1v1 and 2v2 tours:

Darkfall looks good but they don't have it for the us. And in us dollers it around 15 dollers a month to play..
Where do you think that link goes:p? Seems like your info about Darkfall is very out dated. The pricing is ~ 18, 15 or 10 USD, depending on if you buy a 1, 3 or 6 month subscription.

If you want to see where DF is going (read "how much they want DF to be like UO"), check the spotlight forums: All posts there are either how they are improving the graphic, making the sieging better or how they are getting closer and closer to how UO felt and was.

US 14 day free trail reg:
EU 14 day free trail reg:

WoW is pretty good. I'd say it compares nicely.

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Galdor Wrote:[size="7"][size="7"]For Ever Ultima Online !!![/size][/size]

Have to go with Galdor..

Sorry don't like WoW. I don't think it is anything like uo. I don't like the fact that you go to do a mission and it loads. And you can go back and repeat it over and over and over again. no free roam of the land and loading and loading and loading.... If I have to pay for a game I would have to say I guess it would prob just be uo osi. And it's cheaper then WoW.

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