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Large Battle Axe's

ah smoke allways makes me smile with his idiotic posts. since hally has around 60-70 hitpoints as average, why wont you report that weapon as imbalanced instead? and i don't have to change weapon just for you to be happy. the weapon is implented and intended to be used not to look at. so if it's that hard to see someone using it then why wont you use it? no one is stopping you :confused:

- regards, Fable

the way weapons are now a qstaff is better than a small ba. A stick is better than something that has a blade...also for the speed from large ba and small ba 11 off isn't that much slower, and finally yes i agree 60-70 hitpoints from a hally isn't proper and some of these weapons need re-adjusting.

I don't think the thing that Battle Axe has the blade and qstaff doesn't should be taken to consideration. Might as well make dagger insta kill naked people. Once again, it doesn't have to be realistic. Qstaff is a perfect right now IMO. I think BA needs slight damage increment though.
Hally shouldn't be fixed. It's too slow, good thing that it deals 60-70 damage on crit at least. I mean if you wear bardiche/battle axe and you let the guy with halberd hit you often enough you drain all your mana then you deserve to die. 60-70 damage is the crit and doesn't happen all the time, even if you were REALLY unlucky and was hitted 3 times in a row up to 60dmg then you still can survive if you didn't waste your mana before...

then a warhammer should do 80 dmg? A warhammer is slower than a hally and it's critical doesn't even compare to a hally. Most I've seen warhammer do is 50-55. This still proves though that some weapons need to be re-adjusted, no point in using a BA as it is right now.

How much? 80? Dude, lets test it for ~ 20mins, you will keep hitting me with hammer. And I bet you anything you won't deal more than 70dmg.
Seriously you don't need to add 10-15max to it's actual max crit:/

Attack: 57
Speed: 616

War hammer:
Attack: 51
Speed: 618

there's no reason to use a warhammer by looking at that, it does less dmg than a hally and is slower.

that is what i'm talking about. I know warhammer's don't do 80dmg i was saying they should since it's slower if we are going by atkdmg/speed ratio's.

If in your mind things have to make real world sense, you can't swing something as hard with 1 hand as you can with 2, which is why war hammer does less damage then a halberd.

Aren't war hammers only 1-handed weapons and halberds are 2-handed? This means you can carry a shield with a war hammer and get a higher AR for using a weapon that is more or less the same speed as a halberd but does a bit less damage.

If a war hammer did as much damage as a halberd then nobody would use halberd anymore since with a war hammer then can use a shield...

I believe the War Hammer is a 2-handed weapon and is much heavier than a Halberd. The Hammer Pick is a much smaller version of the War Hammer which should be a 1-handed weapon.

Ok my mistake, I was thinking of the hammer pick. I take back my last post.

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