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[Injection] Provocation

So I decided to post a provocation macro for people that use injection, I know this can easily be done using Razor, however I always hated switching over from Injection to Razor (Razor doesn't even work on my laptop anymore).

sub provoke ()
while true
Uo.Exec("useskill 'Provocation'")
wait (250)
uo.waittargetobject('0x00015F29')  ##Change with Animal 1 ID
wait (250)
uo.waittargetobject('0x00016174') ## Change with Animal 2 ID
wait (11000)
end sub

Ideally you'd need a bigger house than your regular small wooden house to do this as you would need to separate Animal 1 and Animal 2 from attacking each other as shown below (The 'x' represents wooden boxes).
x   x
x A1 x A2 x
   x   x

I think those are the shortest wait times, if not someone can correct me. Yes I know this is a simple macro just never seen one here so I decided to put it for people who are too lazy to type for themselves Tongue

EDIT: I have updated this macro with Promoe's wait time.

Delay is too small. My ping is lower than urs, and even with 10.5 sec delay it still sometimes sais "You must wait perform to another action".

Too bad theres no message in journal after though, would be much easier to make good script. I made mine with 11 sec delay.

sub provo()
UO.Print('Choose First Horse')
UO.Exec('addobject horse1')
while UO.Targeting()
UO.Print('Choose Second Horse')
UO.Exec('addobject horse2')
while UO.Targeting()
while UO.SkillVal("Provocation") < 1000
UO.WaitTargetObject("horse1" , "horse2")

So well, just run it, then target will appear, target one horse and then another. And thats it, as soon as you'll GM the skill function will be terminated

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