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Longsword > Katana!

Now when you pick swordsmanship you will recieve newbied katana. Would it be possible to change it on longsword? It looks much better than katana, plus it's the way it was on sphereSmile



Katana own!

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Well, would be silly of me to expect that everyone will like the idea of changing it. I'd be surprised if a guy with ingame name "Samurai" would prefer longsword over katana Smile Different people have different taste...
But once again, we are sphere replica(I know it was used alot of times unnecessarily, but we really are) and it's how it was back on 0.51a.
Though, we could have sort of compromise.
What if we'd have gump that would allow us to change katana to longsword once per character? or even just add one more button on skillstone that would do it..
Or allow players to change katana to longsword and vice versa as much as they want, but take a fee for it. Something like 20k? I know you can hardly call it money sink, but I still can't see a harm in having something like that..

I would like to add something... It's easy to say "let's do this or that", but developing can be a pain in the ass.
Since it's way easier to change katana for broadsword (It should be to change a line of code), why should we ask for making a complicated script just to choose between two weapons? I mean, it's not that important. In fact, we'll be lucky if they change this Tongue

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