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Counter Suggestion

WarMachine Wrote:server decay.
My good sir, I must disagree and posit an alternative hypothesis; I hereby present my evidence to the contrary:
[Image: 1220238315230.png]

Quote:Well I think we should make IN-X pvm oriented....yeah I just wrote that..
Believe it or not, I agree with you on a certain level. I think that PVP and hosting should occur (and often), but developing an engaging PVM environment, possibly some storyline, and making the game easy to jump into are very important for attracting and retaining players.

That has been my focus since I started here: Trying to build PVM environments that have a storyline (Mercenary Camp or Tomb of Kings for example), are challenging (Gauntlet), or allow for easy hosting of PVM events (My custom monster bash spawners that just require opening a gate and turning on a spawner.)

Now this may be stereotypes talking, but I think that PVMers are a more stable crowd: Less likely to have tantrums, quit, nerd-rage on the forums, quit unexpectedly. I think that by building a solid group of PVMers, the PVP will take care of itself. The dedicated PVPers will be able to hunt PVMers, some PVMers will take up PVP, etc.

Now don't rush to lynch me, but I think that we have too many PVPers (compared to PVMers). You need to have a PVM heavy ratio of players to have a "PVP economy," by which I mean to make it possible for a skilled PVPer to make his living solely by murder. As it is now, we have murderers stealing from murderers, passing the same scrolls, pots, and regs back and forth, using them up slowly, then having to do some PVM to get money for reg bags.

So yes, I think that people who have the ability to script and spawn should focus on making PVM more accessible and attractive while not hosting.

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