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Deco plant guide.

First u need to get a plant bowl.(provision shop)

Fill with fertile dirt (40).

Water it twice.

If it says bowl of soft dirt. It is perfect for planting a seed in.
(too little is bad Too much is bad)

After u plant the seed. It will take one day (23hrs) to grow and then there is the health problem(s) to deal with.

Everyday the plant may soak up one dose of water some times it dont but pay attention to what is on the plant menu.

If there is a Yellow - by the pticher of water icon then it needs watered. Just one time. The plants must be locked down!!!

The water goes like this
Yellow - underwatered
Yellow +slighty overwatered
Red - Severly underwatered
Red + Severly Overwatered

Now for the health problems and fixes.
Problem=Fix (all potions must be Greater Cure, Poison, Heal, Strength)
Infestation = Greater Poison
Fungus = Greater Cure
Poisoned = Greater Heal
Diseased = Greater Cure
Resist = Greater Strength

The symbol on the left is the problem on the menu goes
1.Looks like a spikey catepillar and the potion to fix is directly on the right side
2.Fungus is a mushroom and potion to fix is on the right directly across.
3.Poisoned is a skull and the potion to fix is on the right directly across.
4.Diseased is a purlpe puke icon but requires a Greater Cure to fix.
*Greater Strength is to raise the resist of the plant from getting infested with insects or fungus. *

The flower icon(Upper Left) is another menu that leads to the cross,self pollenating or resource gathering or the set to deco mode option. Only on days 7-9 is when u have a chance to pollenate (self or cross). It may take up to 8 more days gathering seeds from the plant or resources. But it will only produce seeds or resources if it is healthy. On day 9 and after that is when the deco mode is available.

Health menu (plant HP Bottom middle of meun)

Plant Growth (Upper right hand Corner of menu)
No symbol = Error or Not grown at all.
Red ! = Invalid location.
Red- = Not healthy must be healthy or vibrant to grow.
Yellow - = It has not been 23hrs since it last grew.
Blue + = Successful growth.
Green + = Successful and got an Extra bonus from being in fertile dirt.

Hopefully anyone reads this they get an understanding of what happens from the start of raising deco plants. Now here is my way of raising deco plants.

1.Bowl of fertile dirt(40). Watered twice to start with.

2.Plant seed wait 23hrs to see what health problems show up.

3.Tackle all health problems early with one potion to each problem. And a strength potion to boost it resistance. (younger ones are more vunerable to health problems than older plants Too many potions of one kind may kill it). I give my Deco plants at least 1 Greater strength potion everyday this keeps the resistance up to avoid infestation and fungus. If you don't take care of the problems that occur it will eventually kill the plant.

4.Water if needed. (sometimes it dont but this is fine pay attention to the pitcher icon if not sure single click the bowl that the plant is in and it should say a bowl of soft dirt which is perfect. Look at the water section for better understanding Up near the top Not enuf water is bad and too much is bad)

5.On day 7 you will see what u are raising.

6.Days 7-9 Pollenate however u want (cross or self)

7.If it is producing seeds it will be needed tending to stay healthy and produce seeds or resources until it produce all it can.

8.Plants go thru stages of growth 1-9 you can easily spot these numbers in the upper left 9 is maxium and the starting stage of seed production.

9.The plant bowl in the bottom right is to abort the plant and possibly kill it if too late however tho u can save it in the beginning like stage 2 maxium i think.

10. Have kegs (full 129) of Greater Heal,Cure,Strength,Poison. All potions must be Greater. And a water trough (infinite water supply).

11. If anyone has a problem with this guide which I know is not the best there is a post in questions and answers Deco plant raising that I started. Rabbi left a reply with a link to the guide I learned from but you have to read the entire thing to get a understanding on what to do and how to fix problems that happen with deco plants. If there is any questions go to the questions and answers forums and reply to my post there I will check on it everyday to help anyone that has a problem whit raising deco plants.

12. Hopefully this guide simplyfies things and helps anyone interested in deco plant raising. Good Luck!!!

Thanks Taran it wouldn't let me post in the player guides for some reason.

Moving this to player guides Smile

Nice guide Token! Just a few questions and comments to help clear up a few things;

-What do you mean by "Fill with fertile dirt (40).". What's the (40) for?
-Once you buy a plant bowl you have to fill it with dirt before you water it (you can fill it with dirt by double clicking it then targeting dirt on the ground. For example the dirt paths in Minoc work, I don't think you can fill a bowl from grass). I think you can also buy fertile dirt or find it as monster loot and put that in the bowl, but it's easier to just fill it from the ground.
-I've grown many plants successfully without giving them a strength potion every day. If you want to save a bit of money when growing plants this is one way to do it. Or if you're scared this will hurt the plant like how too much water isn't good you can skip it.
-I believe you can also apply potions to plants or water them if they're in your backpack.
-Maybe you want to add in that if you don't take care of a plant when it gets a disease (like fungus) and you don't apply a potion it won't grow the next day.

Ok Eighty swords, hopoefully i can answer ur questions right.

1. You can get fertile dirt off a monster(s) and It takes 40 of them to fill a plant bowl.

2. No you have to add the fertile dirt or regular then take a pitcher of water and dclick it target the bowl of hard dirt and water it until it says a bowl of soft dirt which is perfect. It is two waterings from the pitcher.

3. Well from my crash course on my first two deco plants I overwatered and didn't give any strength potions so they died. Me personally I would rather give strength potions everyday to help boost the resistance and avoid getting infestation or fungus. But were every plant is different and you may get lucky and not have a health problem at all.

4. If they are locked down then you dont have too pick them up or anything. But you can put in backpack I think. I never did do it that way so I keep them locked down. I'll check that out later tho.

1. Thanks for clearing up what the (40) was for.

2. What I said with my second point was that you have to put dirt in the bowl before you pour water on it, and you can put in fertile dirt like you get from monsters or you can fill it from the ground.

3. ok

4. ok

Where do you get the seeds for this?

You get seeds from different monsters around the world. You can also probably find some for sale in the vendor mall either as individual seeds or in seed boxes (which is just a container to hold and organize upto 256 seeds)

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