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Soulless Ones

Bongwater was known as a noble and kind hunter.Untill he had become feed up with the ways of the land. To many times he had been pushed Around to many times has his loot been taken from him. And these are not easy lands to make a descent living. Once he had bought the supplies and finally kill a beast such as the ones fount in the dungeons ,then to lose the loot never again. Taking his palm he looked to the sky and said "I no Longer have Love in my heart And no longer do i have Fear For i am (shouts name) BONGWATER And This i swear never shall I Run or stray from a fight then i shall fight. And As it Pleases the Dark One i shall eat the meat from their bones."
As he he made his way down the road he came across a man. The man was like none he had seen.Half naked running around screaming like a madman" Yes Dark One Yes we must kill" Then with no warning he stopped and whispered "What is that My Lord a man Approaches? Yes My lord i Hear I Hear what my lord he has hate in his heart yes my lord forgive me i feel the hate now Yes my Lord i shall ask him to join us" Bongwater was befuddled he shrugged and asked" Sir I care not but what is thy trouble?" The naked man looked at him with no emotion and returned " My name is Phobia and I roam this earth doing the deeds of My lord The Dark One. And he has commanded me to ask you to join me he has told me that we are to join another man his name is Aeorox. We are to reap havoc on these lands!! Bring fear to the men and women! Will thou join us?" Bongwater accepted this offer with his hand. "Stranger no longer i give you my hand as a brother now" he exclaimed. " I'llll I'llll Kill them all" "why must you tempt me my Lord i know there is a village near" Phobia was bluring out when Bongwater awoke."Why are you so uneasy Brother" Asked Bongwater. "I am hungry. And this Rabbit is only making me mad"Returned Phobia. Bongwater looked puzzled "What is it you want" He asked. "I want what men fight to keep i want to feel the pulse of their beating heart as i eat their flesh" Answered Phobia.
As they made their way to the village Bongwater told Phobia he would join him in eating a human to see if he liked it. The first house they came to was owned by a Peasant. The fight was not a long one for the two men were skilled fighters. "I Think i should tell you Bongwater i have escaped from a mental asylum. But fear not my brother i am not crazy but i know that i am only a servant of the Dark One and have no though of what others think i want only their hearts and flesh to eat." Bongwater stared at his friend "Brother" he said "I do not think you are crazy but if eating others is what you want i shall join you. And your Lord shall be mine."
Phobia was known as a man with no concise. He had ate the flesh of many men since he had escaped the asylum. "Show me the way" he would shout at the top of his lungs.Always would he talk to the Dark One. The only people he would not attack were his Brothers Aeorox and Bongwater. "We were born for this Brothers" Roared Phobia "To kill is the reason the Dark One saw fit to put us in these lands" he exclaimed "And as a reward The Dark One has gave of this Demonic Staff so were can strike fear in the hearts of men when they know we kill for him" said Phobia as he gave the other Soulless Ones their staff.
The cutthroat Aeorox was a wondering murderer. Traveling the globe only to kill innocent villagers. His dark ways lead him to Phobia and Bongwater, two other lost men, known to be savages that indulge in the eating Of flesh. "The Dark One speaks of you, the collector
of souls" states Phobia."Aye, souls are payments to him", said Aeorox. "Killing would become easy and more payments!"shouts Aeorox. Taking turns cleaning innocent remains, Aeorox would only recover the heart and soul if the victim was of pure nature. "Something pure and beautiful
shall be dark and tormented," said Aeorox with a smirk. The group faded away, only to appear in a town full of innocent folks.
Many men have traveled these lands but none have served the Dark One as the Soulless Ones have. Now all of Brittanian lives in fear.

Iteam asked for Shepperd's Staff called "Demonic Staff" Hue 2576

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