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I am going to be move at the end of the month and the only connection I can find in the area is going to have to be via satellite. I have heard that satellite will always have a 1-2 second latency delay no matter what, and will that effect my game play on this server? They want 80$ a month for it and I currently don't think its worth it, but I am hoping someone will tell me it is.

Herod[PoD] from IN1

Maximus[Nazgul] from Flint Hills

1-2 second latency for $80 a month? For gaming purposes, absolutely not worth it. 1000-2000ms ping won't cut it.

What Kamos said, 1000-2000ms ping will for sure affect your gameplay! :lol:

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It sucks that there's no other type of internet in the area. :/ I'm surprised that noone has come out with white-space inernet yet. That would fix your problem and bring nearly total internet saturation to the US pretty quickly. (all assuming you live in the US)

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