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Can't see the walls!


I'm new to the shard, and trying to return to UO after a 7 year absence. I'm having problems with the client (I think). For example, when my brand spankin' new character spawns the noob area (the first place you go in game). It looks like an open grass field, but there are lots of trophies and what not hanging in the air, and when I walk I run into tons of invisible obstacles. These issues lead me to believe the noob area is not an open field but some sort of building. Which further means, I can't see the walls!

I thought it was just an issue with the SA client so I removed it and installed ML instead. Both were patched using INX patch. Neither seems to be working properly.

I also keep getting errors with my .net framework.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Im not an expert with these problems but if the problem is actually the client try using client 5.0.1 which you can download on the site in the Injection clients section.

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I reinstalled everything again. I guess 3rd time is a charm b/c everything works!

use the in:x patcher.

also try using the 6 client (5.0.1 client is for injection)

they should all be in the downloads section of the website.

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