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[Request] Hunting guide

What's funny is everyone acts like PvM and PvP information is such a secret that it must be locked away in some tomb, deeply buried beneath the sea that only once in 5 moon cycles a door opens and if a fart with the right pressure is released exactly 4.2 feet from the entrance a sea toad will spawn and tell you the password to open the back entrance since the front entrance flooded when it opened, seeing as how it opened while underneath an ocean!

The fun of UO, hell any game, is learning it! And to be honest PvM isn't that hard if you give it a day or two of your time to explore. And the PvP here is easy, if only I could get injection to work I could prove it.

Herod[PoD] from IN1

Maximus[Nazgul] from Flint Hills

Hiroshima Wrote:Well, I think you guys are asking for too much Tongue!

You're an idiot.

Lederoil Wrote:Who would ever ask you for PVP knowledge? Smile and like there isn't enough players to ask who would give the same information you would and could anyways...

You're an idiot.

BUMP. Everyone who has no intentions whatsoever to stick to the topic, but posts anyway, is an idiot. I don't care what you guys think nor not think. I want to know if there is someone out there that actually wants to share his information, like Fable.


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