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The Good Cytrick

Waking to the sound of seagulls and the waves crashing against the shore Cytrick got to his feet, He wiped his kilt off, fixed his bandana and look around for anything else he might have had with him, he merely found his old red spellbook, a small bag with a some regeants and a few coin and his trusty dagger. Realizing he was on the edge of a town he walked towards it. As Cytrick walked thru the town of Trinsic he looked around and noticed this town was fimiliar to him but he could not remember why. As he walked from the docks to the bank he realized he was in a very fimiliar town, but when he got to the bank to find no one but the bankers around he mumbled to himself "Not the Trinsic i remember".
Cytrick had been many things in his life from a simple miner to a theif and a murder, but since coming ashore he couldn't remember any of those things. He ask the banker "Where is everyone? What happened to the busy, popluated Trinsic?" The banker laughed at him and said "I don't know what your talking about, we are hardly busy and our population has never been much. A few rich men live here and a few woundering travelers come and go from time to time but hardly busy." Cytrick scratched the hairs on his chin "Hmm, Interesting... Where is the Capital these days?", "Britian of course, as it always has been. Are you ok, sir?" The banker asked "Britian, really? Hmm..Yes i will be fine, thank you for the help kind sir, but i must be going." He ran off the the stables in town and bought himself a horse and headed off to Britian.
As he rode he thought about the Britian he could remember, once a great city, then torn apart by evil. But for some reason he was realizing this land was not as much the same as it first seemed. He also was feeling he was not the same man he once was, he couldn't figure out what it was but he was not the same Cytrick he once was. Much like his new home he was a new man. He rode into Britian to see a city much different from that in his head, he saw a lot of new faces and not a single one he knew. As he looked at thru many of the people of Britian he sensed much evil but he walked past the bank and saw a warming sign. The Ministery he read on the guildstone out front the door, he walked into to see the alter at the front, he walked up to it and smiled. Kneeling at the alter he said a small prayer "Let there be good in this new land, for i hope there be something worth defending in this land" He then rose, smiled, and walked back out. This was the new Cytrick, The Good Cytrick.

I am not asking for any items yet, this is merely a start to RPing for me on this shard. I guess i would just like the GMs to start their watching so if i ask for an item in the future, most likly when/if i manage to start a guild that i am trusted to RP correctly. Thanks for anyone who read, btw the former world i speak of is IN1 but as i said he doesn't remember much of it, most of all his former life.

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