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Fire dragon scariest week Part 1

True story.. lightly colored

Long time ago before Dragons come Lord British aid... when chaos rule all of the lands. I whas 4´th day this new world of mortals. Everething whas new andwierd for me.
I whas working hard in deep dark mine in honnor valley area.. trying find my place in this new world.
I whas comming back from work when i accident hear my master Gleb talk somone red beard man, that later one i get known as Sir Ean Highmoor,
that he have great need for tame crook, curious i ask what is that they talk about.
Then whas awkward stare and silence... "Its for tameing creatures and its only for sale in the main city Britain, what are full of vampires, demons
and other brutals blood hungre chaos lurks" Gleb says grim voise that "Only dead wish or fools ever think about travell that part of word"
that i should forget matter they talk. I smell quest and adventrue in the air... "If i go get it for you sir" before thinking first
and hopeing my master aproval... only vain. They realy seems amused about my honnest offer to gain my´Lord respect. "go one, we have important matters
to negotiation" I realy haven seen Gleb so grim ever... seems they talk about something about lack of orders against chaos.. so i clide slowly away to not
bother them anymore. I feel so disapointed miss travel in main city i so mutch hear about. I whas working so much that it start taste like wood.. so
i diside make trip anyway even not sure how to find there. I start packing my backpack for need only items .. like food. I have rumors that following road
out of Minoc shold lead this great City Britain, Britany like i mistaken call it then. Agony time of hiking and voiding harms i fortunately arrive
destonation that i set goal... i saw Britain sign. I suprice how big this city seems is ... and i start think that vendor name who sell that tame..
I sudendly feel angry tha i for get name what i whas looking for .. and that vendor name who sell it... all that miles i walk for notning .. "KZZaamm"
my ears echoed and my heart start running like wild rabbit. "what just happen" trying make sense and calming my heart beats. I whas suddenly in one
house roof that i just pass. Hmm must be somekind teleport i think.. what whas right conclution. KZZzzaam .... before i get heart beat stable it
start this time run like wild horse to see im next to Ugliest demon i ever seen or hear.... Memphisto. Dont know who whas more suprice to meat there
him or me. "What the hell you do here .. dont you know that you come dog meat here... this is hells domain ... no even bravest warriors travel here alone
, serious are you out of your mind or are you just own slow mind" .. what i agree must be last one plus first. Then i realise that is same demon who let
'me live deep in the mine of honnor valley. And command me to sell all my metals than iron for him.. and for him only or he take me whit him for eternal
damness, he even pays me for metals so i agree ... better than other option. Bearly i internalize what he curse ..KazZaam and sudently there whas even
Uglier demon his side Diabolic, It seems Way more angrier than Mephisto feeling that its outrage my presense there, his eyes catch fire like i whas poor pork whit
appel whit my mouth, i feel like my heart give up. Trembling and swting nevercrack i try keep my feet under me. Just when i think im goner Mehisto intervene.
This is that soul who provide metals for us, that i shod live to doomt to mine more for them. Diabolic did not whas happy att all for idea that Underworld
laugh for them passing so meatfull diner served or even that he have nerve come them domain so lightly. They start argue about it and i feel atmosfere whas
so heavy you whod cut easyer than just smith katana on butter. Before they ripp off they others throat lucky for me Mephisto view won and hungre for metals.
I encourage my self for ask tame stick thing, what i didint remeber word for it. They whas stun for reason to be there... They start laugh "aloud evil voise andw
Memphisto leave and seems to get one for me... didint like a bit situation It leave me alone whit Diabolic. That short time feel like ethernal before Mephisto
come back whit tame stick "lik i used to say" "Dont ever... EVER tell for soul about that they help me.. or my imaginenation are insufficiet to handle"
Sudently that large ugly demon start curse something magic words and round portal appers frot me. "Go now .. if you ever come back here they will get fun
out of me" I feel that my legs work before mind and i jump for portal like last straw. My releaf i saw place i know before.. im back home in minoc.
I start travel honnor valley way and one that road i visit my step father Ignus(now days reborn and people knows as Kamos) asking that if he have seen
Master Gleb. "ye you just mist him.. he hedding for his home twofloor house in honor valey, so i heding there.
Gleb eyes shine unbelive when i give him tree "tame stick" "How the hell you get them whit out scratch". It have been secret until today.

Continue...... if people feels it not so agony read my bad english ,misspelled and typos correctig later too thired.. "agony slow to write"

*crap a another bottle beer*

Darkness crush me down like edge of broken dreams.
Sylph winds blows hard and painful, frozen my soul.
Lightning strike down ripping flesh of my bones.
Rain unforgivingly wash away my hope for tomorrow.
Sound of storm echoes die and the end silence.... .

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