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New Tour - Horse Races!!

I totally agree with this idea.
We used to have this in XUO and they were pretty cool... ppl with lag have disadvantage but its same as in PvP, 300ms player vs a 50ms ping player in PvP... odds go to the 50ms if they are equally good.

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i think that would be a great idea ... like have spikes in the ground and if you run over them then you lose a % of hp...generally the best runners from a gank would be more prone to win hahaha... *points to self*

It would be very nice to see new things in the server. Lag isn't fair at all, it doens't matter if you race or pvp, lag will still be there and will be a pain in the ass.
New and funny ideas are always welcome in my opnion, but i respect all arguments.
For me it seems very cool ;D

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Originally from another thread; (

smoke Wrote:as for horseraces you're just simply being persistent because you want it and can't face the fact that lag is actually more visual in running around on rides/foot than doing actions in game is what you're not understanding i'm not debating it i'm telling you it's going to be lame. People who live closest to the server will always win which is lame

Saying the horse races is more of a lag issue than any individual PVP event, or say the looting in a monster bash (which is the main goal there), is just ridiculous.

Try running side by side with someone from europe. You if anyone should know that they can't just outrun you easily because of their ping advantage.

A slight ping advantage/disadvantage wouldn't matter more in a horse race in a course full of obstacles, than in near any aspect of the game, especially not more than in the PVP-system we have.

Having "people with high ping will have a disadvantage" as argument, is possibly the worst argument one can have. The ping will always give advantages and disadvantages. People with lower ping will always have a slight advantage, in horse races as in a 1vs1 duel.

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you honestly are so immature with the continuation of the arguing and apparently i'm the one that starts it what a joke lederoil

Lag or no lag, you join an event for the fun. If there are a lot of people who would like such kind of event. Then my (not staff) opinion is that it should be created.

As there could be a disadvantage indeed (if it's there or not, people will always complain that it will be there), I don't think any prizes should be given by staff. A solution could be a joining fee where winner takes all.

smoke Wrote:you honestly are so immature with the continuation of the arguing and apparently i'm the one that starts it what a joke lederoil

Immature? What's immature about discussing the horse racing? I moved it here, because Taran told this wouldn't be discussed in the other thread.

So, if you still think your lag issue thingy make much sence enough to be used as motivation to why this event shouldn't be made, then please explain it to us.

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I'm not going to argue with you because it's useless do what you want

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