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The story about the vampire Ronald

[SIZE="6"]The story about the vampire Ronald[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"]Chapter 1 – The beginning..[/SIZE]
A long time ago in an ancient world, far from the world that we call home, far from all the technology and computers, there once lived a boy named Ronald. Ronald was not like every other young boy, he had a dream not like most other kids born in the town of Britain. He wanted to travel the world, see places such as the glorious town of Trinsic, the famous Yew Crypt, and the long forgotten dungeon of Destard, where there were rumours that you could actually find a living dragon!

Ronald grew up, hoping to one day he’d be able to see these things. And one day, when he turned 18 years old, he decided to buy himself an iron armor, a longsword and a horse, and go out into the world, to see all these things that he had been longing to see for so long!

The road to Trinsic was dark, the clouds were thick in the sky, and the mist was all around him, but this did not stop Ronald, the young man was very determined to reach his first dream, to see the glorious town of Trinsic, if he only knew what would happen there..

[SIZE="3"]Chapter 2 – Finding Trinsic..[/SIZE]
Ronald continued to walk on the road towards Trinsic, and before he knew it he could spot the town of Trinsic far ahead on the road. “Finally!” Shouted Ronald, a very happy young man, who was now so close to making one of his dreams come true!

As Ronald came closer to the town he started to realize that it was even bigger than in his imagination, and it was so beautiful. He walked into the town with such joy and happiness in his heart, but what was that ahead of him!? Ronald and his horse both jumped into the air as a dark shadow showed up on the road in front of them.

The shadowy figure began talking, he had a dark whispery voice. He said “welcome to Trinsic, I am Phanatic, a member of the Vampire guild”. Ronald could not belive his ears, a guild of vampires? So vampire do really exist? And one is actually in front of him!? Ronald was so stunned by this that he could not find words to talk, instead he mumbled something that sounded like “Go-go-go-day sir”. The shadowy figure named Phanatic laughed, and asked him what he did in Trinsic all by himself at night, and then continued by saying that it’s not safe for a “weak human” to be out at night, with murderers and vampires roaming the streets.

Ronald took a step forth, and said “I’m not scared of you Phanatic, I am not scared of anybody, I came here to live my dream and I am going to do so! Now step out of my way!”. Phanatic was impressed by the courage that Ronald had shown, and there for he told told Ronald that he would be willing to guide him through Trinsic, so that he would not have to become the next meal for one of his friends, or simply the prey of any other murderer roaming the streets.

Little did Ronald know that the guards were protecting Trinsic, so he followed Phanatic in hopes that he would be the man to make him get out of this place alive.

[SIZE="3"]Chapter 3 – Experiencing Yew[/SIZE]
Phanatic and Ronald walked through Trinsic in one piece, and Ronald was so happy that he had seen the town, and found a friend to guide him, that he did not think about if Phanatic may have some other plans for him.

Ronald suddenly realized that he had no idea how to get to Yew from Trinsic, so he asked Phanatic if he may be willing to point him in the right direction. Phanatic pointed in a direction, and told Ronald that he would have to be careful if he were to walk there all by himself, after all if he was scared of Trinsic then Yew would be much much worse. Ronald realized that he had not thought about how he was going to survive all alone in Yew, so he asked Phanatic if he there were any chance that he could follow him there as well. Phanatic smiled and said “Sure, lets go”. Ronald smiled, turned around and started riding in the direction that Phanatic had pointed at, little did he know that behind his back Phanatic made an evil grin..

After riding for about thirty minutes they finally reached the town of Yew, Ronald shouted “Woho!” and began riding even faster towards the town. Phanatic shouted from behind “Hey, take it easy, we wouldn’t want you to get killed now would we?”. Ronald was so happy that he did not even hear it, he just kept riding towards Yew to see the town he had been wanting to see for so long!

Ronald then shouted “Hey Phanatic! Come on! If we hurry we might get to experience the Yew Crypts during sunrise!”. Ronald stopped his horse in order to wait for his friend Phanatic, who were almost catching up to him now. Phanatic stopped right next to him and whispered “sorry, but you will never experience that sunrise, at least not the way you have been experiencing it in the past”. Ronald didn’t really understand what was happening, but out of panic he quickly drew his sword, made sure the iron armor was properly attached to his body, and jumped off his horse.

Phanatic laughed, made an evil grin, and said “is that your weapon and armor? Do you realize that even if you would be able to hit me with that I wouldn’t feel a thing, it’s not even a weapon out of ruin or might, where did you buy that from, the local blacksmith? Haha!”

Ronald was stunned by the way Phanatic had laughed at his armor and weapon, he now realized that the items he had bought for his one thousand gold that he had saved up for all his life may not stand a chance against Phanatic and his powerful Bardiche of Vanquishing, and his fast vampire reflexes. Ronald still did not want to just give up, so he took a big breath and shouted “Yes, in a matter of fact I did buy it from the local blacksmith, so it will be an even harder loss for you once you realize that you’ve been beaten by a longsword bought by a local blacksmith!”. Phanatic just laughed, and that made Ronald even more scared. The time had finally come to duel this vampire named Phanatic..

[SIZE="3"]Chapter 4 – The Yew Duel..[/SIZE]
Ronald jumped towards Phanatic with his sword, trying to stab him a couple of times in the chest. Phanatic just dodged it with easy, while laughing. All Ronald could think about was “is this the end? Is it over now?”. Phanatic then smashed his Bardiche towards Ronalds longsword, and made it fly away into the air. Ronald said “I’m not giving up that easy!” and started throwing an arrow-spel that he had learned in his days at magery school. Ronald shouted “In Por Ylem” and threw an powerful magic arrow at Phanatic, and it actually hit the vampire! Ronald was so happy! However not long after that Ronald realized that even tho it had hit Phanatic, it did not harm him in any way at all, except for perhaps making him stop laughing for one second. Phanatic made an evil grin and ran around Ronald so fast that he could not even see where he went. He then took a bite on Ronalds neck. Ronald felt so weak, he realized that this must be the end, why in the world did he decide to walk to Trinsic and Yew all by himself? Was it really worth it? That was the last think he thought about before he fainted, out of loss of blood.

[SIZE="3"]Chapter 5 – Waking up..[/SIZE]
Ronald woke up, thinking to himself “am I still alive? Where am I? Did I manage to beat him after all?”. It was dark, and very uncomfortable, he was in some sort of box. How am I getting out of here? Was the next thing that was on Ronalds mind. He began punching the sealing of the box, but it did not help, it almost felt like if something heavy was above the box. His armor was not on him anymore, but he did manage to find his sword, and with it he managed to slash a hole in the box, but as soon as he did that a bunch of dirt fell down into the box. He now realized that he was below ground.

Ronald paniced and smashed the box with the sword so much that he managed to damage it enough to get out. He was all cowered with dirt, but he felt strong, he started pushing the dirt aside as he crawled up towards the ground. As he was about to give up he got up to the ground. It was night, he looked around, to realize that he was at the Yew Graveyard, he had been buried! Alive! Or so he thought..

[SIZE="3"]Chapter 6 – The end of the story.[/SIZE]
Ronald began walking away from the graveyard, but then he heard laughter all around him, coming from every direction. Out of the shadows came several dark figures, walking towards Ronald. What is this? That was the only thing Ronald could think about.

The dark figures now stood in a ring around Ronald, and one of them came closer to him, and said: “Hello, I am Galdor, the leader of the Vampre guild. You are now one of us. Phanatic saw something in you, strength, and at the same time courage, that is something we could use in our guild of vampires”. Ronald was stunned. He tried to speak but his throut was filled with dirt, so he had to cough for a while first, but then he said “Have you guys turned me into a vampire as well?”. Galdor nodded and said: “You are now one of us brother, here is your death shroud, ride with us, feed from the living, and fight by our side!”.

Ronald was first angry that Phanatic had turned him into a vampire, but he then realized that now he could experience all the places he had wanted to see, and he would not have to be worried at all about being attacked, because with all these brothers around him, and these amazing reflexes, he could both be a powerful warrior and see the places he had wanted to see!

And so ends the story of the vampire Ronald... the young boy who wanted to see a couple of towns and dungeons, but that ended up being a vampire. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, if you are all alone in the dark sometime, you may spot some dark figure on the road, and just maybe that dark figure will be the man this story was about, the vampire named Ronald..

The End

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