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Soul Survivor

Dread....the feeling of dread is all I remember.

Like a baby taken from it's mother's womb and left to die in the cold....shrieking...hoping for someone anyone to come to rescue it......sometimes death is the best choice...

How can life be so full of evil and death be such a bliss?

These were the questions that roamed my mind when I was first bound to my contract.....a contract with the Devil.

Aeorox as he was known stood as a looming shadow over the corpse of yet another innocent victim, who without feelings or remorse had slaughter.

"I must have some of your soul for my payments...I am not going back there!" Aeorox murmured to himself.

For Aeorox, killing had become a necessity, a core and his only way to stay out of hell.

The contract was quite simple, supply the devil with souls preferably of those whose souls weren't already tainted by darkness. As long as the devil was pleased with the amount of souls Aeorox claimed in his name, Aeorox was to be kept alive. If a day should come where Aeorox couldn't keep his end of the bargain, it would mean rest of eternity in hell for him.

"I claim this soul in the name of the devil!"
Aeorox shouted as he took the heart of his victim in one hand and a what looked like a human skull in the other.

As the words uttered left the lips of Aeorox an ancient magic made both the skull and the heart glow. The skull's glow became stronger as the glow of the victims heart faded....the deed was done, another payment completed.

"I need to kill more....more death....for my survival"
Aeorox muttered

"If I kill enough maybe the Devil will let me go...."

"Or maybe if I kill people and keep their hearts I will have payments ready if....if he should become angry"

Aeorox looked at his bloody weapon has he cleansed it in a small stream...

"the blood goes it was never there..."

Aeorox felt a burning in his chest and a pain unimaginable by any mortal standard.

"NO !...No !.... no !.......not again..."

Before Aeorox stood a cloaked figure...from the thin air he had been conjured.

"You know the on with your work!...or do you want to go back?!"

The cloaked figure hissed, his every pronunciation spitting fire from his mouth.

"NO!....I will do what you want....this is nothing compared to the alternative"

Aeorox spoke with hatred, as he looked at the cloaked figure.

"I am glad you see it that way....this means that we can all be happy with our little arrangement."

The cloaked figure vanished as he had been conjured, and left Aeorox once again alone by the stream.

Aeorox picked up his weapon from the ground and prepared his equipment....

more people would die tonight....families would loose a member, if they were lucky enough to escape themselves....

Next day the town crier shouted!

"Another family murdered!....lock your doors and stay inside!....He might be coming for you tonight!"


I would like a newbied skull hued
2576 with the name "Sacrifice".

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