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Hunting Guide!

i will show skills i have when i hunt and why i do, what items and so i use, "tactics" on monsters etc..


archery- good to shoot from a distant range (duh)

tactics- increases chance to hit (?)

swordsmanship, fencing- sometimes i like to hit with bardiches or poison non magic monsters with my dagger

all bard's skills- good to make dragons or so attack each other, note difficult monsters cant be discorded or peacemaked but they might have minions around them who are annoying and those are provokable

magery, anatomy, evaluating intelligence,resist,healing-magic heal,extra protection, bandage usage, ressing, good for healing + recall or reflect etc..

hiding/stealth- good to hide and plan your next move and can be a lifesaver if many are attacking you (make so monsters can't target you or see you and you can hide and they forget you)*

animal lore- good one! you can see hp/mana of enemy, note if you're hiding you get revealed

poisoning- to poison dagger :badgrin: too bad strong monsters can cast cure :mad:

*= some crazy monsters still attack you and cast magic and wait for you to show up even if you're hidden :eek:
[SIZE="4"]items[/SIZE] (i will try to cover all items i use)

regs, aids- about 100 of each, use spells and heal/res urself or someone

a few scrolls for pvping, you never know who you might encounter, gh scrolls can be a lifesaver

mana/gh pots- to refill mana quickly or heal if attacked hard

ride- you need to move fast

extra shrinked ride in backpack- if you died and your mount got killed, and you manage to loot your body

elven bow- pretty good for hunting, i havn't hunted with other bows though
and 400+ arrows

silver weapons- hurt undead and make them wish they never came back from the dead

150 blade spirits scrolls, to distract stronger enemies or hold of weaker and kill them, or cast plentifull on strong enemies combined with ev's to make a good effect

50+ ev scrolls- very efficient against stronger dragons (as long as they can't dispel)

instrument- to be able to use bardic skills

and now... what i do against the harder monsters and what they drop in loot! note that loots don't allways drop on every kill. i wont write every single loot, only the ones i think are worth something

lets start with xtremes:

Ogre- cast 2-3 ev's, shoot with bow until he is dead and gone.. poor ugly thing.. loot- random silver crystal, 1k-2k, power wep i think, otherwise force, xtreme ar parts

liche- 2 ev's max, sometimes even 1 and shoot them to death. loot- 1-2k, random silver, xtreme ar parts

skeleton- i really don't bother hunting these since loot sucks and they are pretty strong, almost as ogres.. however, 2 ev's, plus hitting it with arrows or melee. loot- xtreme parts, 1k

dragon- my favorite. 4-6 ev's and shooting with bow is a good method, takes me around 3-5 mins to kill one alone. loot- around 4k, random silver wep, power weps, xtreme parts

now to ultimates! :eek:

destard guardian- 30+ blade spirits combined with at least 15 ev's i don't recommend doing this alone, i never do since it's hard getting back if you die. loot- around 8-10k, random silver wep, random power wep, random vanq wep (yes accurate too)

crypt keeper- a bit weaker than than destard guardian so use above same method, however harder to reach due to mystery solving around this area. gm spirit speak required too. i usually kill it myself. loot- around 5k, random power or vanq, not sure if its accurate though

wrong guardian. the one you all fear! i have killed him, not alone though! i wont write any names but they can if they want to. i will write a guide on this one and make more guides on others and how to reach them later on, i have to sleep soon lol.

do this: you must be atleast 3 ppl. we were 3 who killed him. have LOTS of regs, wall of stone, poison wall scrolls are better than ev's on this one. have like 1k arrows, and maybe even 2 bows if one breaks.

as you are about to enter the iron maiden, hide and make sure you have magic reflect. you will see urself in the center of a room, not big, not small. there will be a gate a few steps to the south. the wrong guardian is here with a few minions. ur hidden so they wont see you, you got the "advantage"... one casts paralyse on the guardian, another one makes a wall infront of him. now he cant see you and cant do any harm for a while. kill the minions, they are shadow skeletons and pretty weak but every one gives like 50 arrows if i remember correct.

feeling ready?

Boss - Wrong guardians
HP- 5k, even more
Mana- 2k, even more

how to do:
throw wall of stone and form and x with him being in the middle of the x. now make sure he can't see you, if he does he can teleport to you or, if i remember correct, even suck you in to him! insta death :evil:
anyways, time to throw poison wall on him and watch him drain his mana while casting cure all the time, if u want u can cast blade spirits for minimum damage and he will cast dispell and waste more mana. i tried shooting him with arrows but he seemed to be smarter and teleported to me and killed me. a smart idea is if one is hiding and waiting for someone to die, so you can ress them. just repeat with the walls and make sure he is stuck there until he dies, remember to make him paralyzed before you cast walls. now for the good part

LOOT- 25k, vanq weps, power weps, random silver wep crystal

hope this helped, this is just a "quicky" guide, i'll try to update it soon!

- regards, Fable

skeletons drop 2.5k other than that good guide

True, skeletons are really good to kill. Easier than ogres, I get them with 2 evs.
Also, xtreme dragons dont drop power weapons.

[Image: 2cn76h2.gif] [Image: avatar20124_12.gif] If you liked my posted, dont forget to thank me Wink!

Best Regards,

A good hunting tip for monsters out in the world (like xtreme skeletons), is to take a boat with you, place it by the coast, lure a monster towards it and then hop on the boat and close the gang plank. This way you can cast an ev on the shore from the boat, let it attack the skeleton and you can fire away at the xtreme skeleton with a bow or crossbow from the boat. This gives 2 advantages over fighting from land;

1) Your EV won't go nuts and try to kill you instead of the xtreme skeleton since it can't reach you.
2) The xtreme skeleton won't kill you in 2 hits while you try to run from it since it can't reach you either.

Take about 500 arrows, an elven bow, regs, etc and you should have enough to kill 2-3 extreme skeletons before you have to go back to town to restock on arrows. You don't necessarily need armor when you hunt like this since a monster will rarely melee you. That said, you might want to take some just in case since xtreme skeletons pack a mean punch and they might get a hit in while you try luring them to your boat.

Other tips:
-There are generally some other little monsters around xtreme skeletons like giant snakes, and you can use provocation to make them fight each other. You won't be able to make two xtreme skeletons fight each other though.
-You can also use discordance on an xtreme skeleton to lower it's defense ratings.

-From an extreme skeleton I get on average between 1k and 1.5k. You also have a very low chance to get a piece of xtreme armor, I think xtreme skeletons have the lowest drop rate of all xtreme monsters so don't expect a piece of armor every time.
-If you kill some of the smaller monsters around xtreme skeletons like snakes, rats, lizardmen, etc you can make a few extra gp. If you cut the bodies of snakes and rats you can get some hides. It's really heavy so make sure you have a pair of scissors on you to cut it to leather.

Hiroshima Wrote:Also, xtreme dragons dont drop power weapons.

where did i get my power large ba then when i was hunting xtreme dragons?

- regards, Fable

will this be stickied?

im planning to wright a dungeon by dungeon guide, how to "complete" them, what you might need with you, if you can make it single handedly or if you need friends and so on

- regards, Fable

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