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Elven elf`s

A hundred years before that vampires and humans engaging in their First War,
the world of IN-X formed only by a continent ... surrounded by the infinite
rough seas.
That landmass, known in Britain, was home
many disparate races and creatures in it, all struggling for survival among
savage elements of the new world.

Ayi lived a humble guild called Elven Elf `s tribe whose members were humble elf
with a single purpose to improve skills and make provisions to fight and hunt dragons.
deal with the new guild `s called vampire, daemons, just do it, Lycan, Imperials Defenders.
refugees and thus are now housed in the dark world of IN-X, as well as the guild has 4 players
called Devilman, Shima, Raider, NooB whose goal is to survive in this world.

Over time, the curiosity of the Elven Elf `s led them to meet and make friends with several
powerful entities. One was Wetside, a powerful clan of the primeval forests.
The shrimp kindly offered to teach and work with a guild elf human being,
spent much time with them teaching them the mysteries of the world of Britain.
The peaceful Elven Elf `s developed a great empathy with the forests
living in northern Britain, and were delighted with the harmonious balance of nature.

Shima Young set out to find help for his people. Elf `s, whose own brother,
Rayder, practiced magic of the nobles, was incensed by the growing corruption among the upper class.
Shima persuaded to give up his dangerous obsession and set out to find a teacher and achieve
form a resistance force.

The head of the guild Devilman prepared to distribute all the work and make provisions to help
new components and new recruits as well as elves brother devilman (Noob) do not stop
all sorts of supplies with the same option of not lack anything.

Soon, a race called Vampire managed to reach the shores of Camp
Elven Elfs. The savage vampires, led by the strange odor of the elves,
Intertara groups to mount their attack the camp.
Over time, the cosmic powers of the Elven camp Elfs,
affected the tribe and its members were strong, wise, and virtually immortal. The tribe adopted
Elfs Elven name, which in its native language means 'Elf' built great structures and temples
around the periphery of Barracks.

The chief achievement Devilman steal valuable furs used to make clothes that only contain vampires
called Vampire Robe, as well as Elf Elvens developed further their ability and skill to create your Elven Robe.
So knowing that served to create skins Robes them were made for each member of the camp.

shima and opcupan Raider is learning to hunt and the fight 1 against, Noob is responsible to no one
in the camp lacks anything related to the scribe and alchemist deals
do all such work
devilman well as the owner of this camp on the art of fighting desenpeña body against
body is fairly light
and quite fast in their atake well as also is very skilled in hunting and make
things to decorate.
so as does all other work that can be resentful
we are still looking for a chief elves remaining in the world IN-X to recruit, to continue growing this
camp a lot and slowly evolving but no one is doing their work and their learning.
La Raza Elven Elf `s is:


The Elf `s Elvens are fragile and delicate appearance, who live for hundreds of years.
His appearance is quite similar to humans, although they have certain
features such as pointed ears, pale skin and almond eyes
make them quite distinct from men.
Despite being less bulky, so has its ROBE ELVEN that make them more powerful, protecting your skin from
the sun and suffered cuts and have more agility and skill in their movements.
An elf moves with grace and delicacy, and in ways so subtle and quiet is sometimes
imperceptible presence.
This allows them to move quietly to an enemy that wants to spy on, or provide a surprise attack. A
can be virtually invisible elf in a forest.
The elves have developed the InfraVision therefore not difficult to move in
night or in forests where sunlight does not enter.
They are extremely knowledgeable about the forests they inhabit, and his elven robe in shades of green
allow them to blend into the forest as needed.

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