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Vendor called Damon

I have two vendors just East and a Little south of the West Brit Bank.
Potions ,Scrolls, Colored leather Armor, colored magic Armor male & female for sale, Will Also make & color Armor to suit your needs.
Magical Plate Armor Guarding - Invul
Also sell everything from Llama's, Mustangs and decorations so much to list you'll have to come see it for your self.
*Vendors - Damon and Julinka*

I have lowered the price of all potions
Powe & Vanq Weapons
Suits of Invul Armor
Individual pieces of Invul armor
Invul shields
Elven Bows & Arrows
Rune books

Selling all kinds of plate armor & magical Elven armor .

Also selling GM Blacksmith repair Deeds : To repair all plate armor.
GM Tailoring repair Deeds : To repair all leather type armor & clothes
Gm Fletching repair Deeds : To repair all type of Bows & crossbows

These deeds may be found on my vendor Julinka beside vendor Damon just east of the Brit bank.

in the buy more house?

Restocked Vendors & On vendor Elad i added all kinds of new items beds, bookcases, spinning wheels, fireplaces, all kinds of house deco come take a look , Located south east of the brit bank at Shadows Shop

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