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Pirate Journal (part 1)

Aye tis be a grand adventure indeed

Cantin thought to himself as he wrote down the last entries in the lates of his treasure hunting adventure.

Fer certain tis be creating a roccus

Cantin schemed as he wrote the words of this fabricated journal.
The journal contained several legends of treasure and clues to their where abouts.
Cantin silently hoped that this would spur more people to seek the path as he himself had done when he was a young lad.

Aye I be rememberin me first treasure hunt. It twas a glorious hunt fer booty tha contained plenty o gold an gems.

Cantin had grown increasingly annoyed with the lack of people who shared his passion for finding treasure. Instead people found themselves pleased by mere slaughtering of opponents.

Tis be mere play...tha true villian be tha one who be schemin tha get tha treasure fer himself...or herself

Cantin reminiscend an adventure where a young and attractive woman had lured him into safety and stolen a treasure chest from him.

Aye tis plot tha create interest fer tha pirate way of life be a grand and cannons and tha feelin of killin yer foe fer his or her possesions

But I be not a fisherman ...Cantin sighed to himself, I be needin trainin

I am asking for GM fishing (yeah I know it is a long shot)
I am asking for a special boat (yeah I know this is also a long shot)
I am asking for several noobied and named books to distribute and perhaps somehow make a treasure hunt event
I also need a cloak for my outfit, since I am feeling I miss it

Yar a Pirate I be, if ye be wishin
then ye can come plunder with me
[Image: cantindye8.jpg]

I chuckled to myself as I thought of a female pirate but then it hit me... all women are pirates. They are all after our manly treasures and get them with the use of the most sneaky and seductive tricks!

It takes a real man to be a pirate but oddly enough it comes natural to the females.

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