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To New Players

no worries, Sure ill help out pm me.

[COLOR="#B22222"]Hmm took me 2 hours to gm resistings spell, and wasnt expensive at all. Maybe choose another skill?

Also Jack is not Jack anymore and he is not in the casino! :o its Jill in the mercenary camp!

.Vote actually give 1k

Third link for growing plant does not work.


How did you gm resist? do tell...plz.

[COLOR="#B22222"]Polymorph into a dragon or a demon, use bandaids to heal urself it also train healing, have friends healing you aswell and cast like 5 firewall one of top another, walk in it and have your friend be at each side in the middle of the field. Not sure if I was clear I'm really sleepy, if I'm missing anything please let me know I will add more details.


I really wish these guides were SPECIFIC on locations Sad where is the Merc Camp in this vast world?
How to learn skills from NPC's? 'learn' or 'teach' does not work.

the merc camp is alittle west of brit bank...there is a little tower with a mage on up to him and say portal...and enter the portal thats the merc camp...

also there is only one ncp that will teach all skills and that is jill in the merc camp....if you use teach on her it should work

I dont know if teach works, but im sure train anatomy works for example, so jill asks you an ammount of gold for that, maximum of 400gp then you drag and drop that ammount on her like if you were trading with her =]

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