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Setting up Ultima Online with the Imagine Nation Patcher Tool

A guide for using the IN Patcher for setting up and patching a fresh UO installation.
[Image: patcherb.png]<-Click that
Be sure to patch often or if you notice a problem in-game. (Invisible walls, other players or monsters walking through things, etc)
We will be updating art and statics regularly now that we have a reliable patching system.
Please report bugs if you find any and let me know if there is a useful feature that could be added. Feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
❤❤❤ Eru ❤❤❤

Setup Instructions Wrote:Before Running the Patcher:
  • 1) Download your preferred Ultima Online installation. Mondain's Legacy is recommended and can be found here or from a link in the patcher's tray menu.
    2) Install UO, then launch it and allow it to patch itself to using its built-in patcher. We do support up to the first 7.0 patch but it is not recommended at this time.
    • You can also down a fully patched copy of UO HERE, delete everything in your UO directory, then unzip this into it. (Needs 7zip)
    3) (Optional) If you plan on using Razor as your UO assistant, download it here or through the patcher's tray menu.
[missing image]

Running the Patcher:
  • 0) (Optional) If you opened the patcher before installing UO and Razor, you can delete Patcher.ini in the patcher's folder to force it to autodetect the install locations.
    1) Run IN Patcher.exe and make sure that the correct UO folder is shown.
    2) Press the "Patch IN" button and wait for it to download a bunch of files.
    • (This could take a while depending on how speedy the file-server is feeling.)
    3) If you're using Razor and have problems logging in, press the [Fix Client] button to download the recommended client.

Other Cool Stuff:
  • Vote Detection:
    • The patcher automatically detects the last time you voted via the patcher and gives you a message if it has been longer than 12 hours (the minimum wait time for voting)
      You don't have to vote to use the patcher, but we'd appreciate it if you would. Smile
    Automatic Injection Setup:
    • Selected from the tray menu.
      Automatically installs Injection with suggested settings to {UODirectory}/Injection
      Adds recommended 5.0.1 client to UO directory
    Up-To-Date Patch Notes will appear in the left panel.
    UOCartographer Map File Syncing: (Under Construction and very Theoretical)
    • This will let people submit map coordinates with place names that can be loaded into UO Cartographer.
      Players ONLY are allowed to submit locations (no GMs) to protect secret hunting grounds.
      Submissions will be in a public thread, so if someone submits your favorite hunting spot, gank them for it.


[Image: patcherpreview.png]

Here's a browsable link to the place where files are being hosted from if you want to download anything manually:
IN Patcher File Sync Folder via DropBox

FULL PACKAGE for Manual Installations: DOWNLOAD IN Full (may cause razor problems if you just copy/paste)
  • Simply unzip the Full Package into your UO Install directory to update all the files in one swoop.
    • Since the patcher works by comparing last-modified dates between your machine and the server, if you update with the Full then the patcher will not recognize that you updated the files and will redownload them.
    • This package is only added to give more options to the player, but you're probably better off sticking with the IN patcher for updating.

Troubleshooting Guide


  • The [Vote] button has been updated with the 3 voting sites.
2011.3.27 (2)
  • Patcher no longer downloads from the same webhost that the forum is on.
    • Now it downloads from the DrobBox folder listed in the post above
    • Changed the way it reads Last-Modified timestamps.
    • Should show DRASTIC increases in performance.
    • Will no longer crash if it can't read a time stamp or if the file doesn't exist
  • Upload time from staff side is drastically shortened.
    • This will reduce chance of someone patching while the file's being updated, causing errors.
  • Unfortunately, due to the change in how timestamps are handled, if you run an older version, then you'll have to re-patch everything.
  • Removed the 7zipped (.7z) Full Package download option.
    • The 7zip algorithm caused changes across the entire file, causing the entire thing to have to be re-uploaded every time there was a change.
    • You can still download the .zip version
  • Interface Redesigned
    • Removed Patch-Notes section and add a menu item to open the changelog thread.
    • Shrunk the overall size and moved the tray/some buttons to menus.
    • Replace the place-holder graphic with the new IN-UO Graphic
    • Removed the title bar: ESC closes the program, or right-click close from the taskbar
  • Added the ability to force a full patch or to force re-patching a single file
    • The Restore Backup isn't working yet but can still be done manually from the backup folder
  • You can now select the option to Auto-Patch when you open the Launcher
  • You can also select to auto-launch UO when patching is done.
    • If you have both clicked and it's loading and closing too fast to change it, you can edit in the patcher.ini file
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the patcher to crash on first-time running. Sorry, everyone, it was a silly mistake.
  • You can now install some Sample Razor Macros from the Tools menu. (Old update, but wasn't added to log)
    • It will add them all to the "Imagine Nation" folder in the Razor Directory.
    • They will show up as the "Imagine Nation" group with various subgroups in Razor
    • Let me know if there are any errors with them: eru{@}
  • HUGE change to the directory structure, also I cleaned up a lot of old unused files. This is to make the next update possible:
  • Made changes to the file-updating system so that it can be triggered remotely to run on the dedicated server with only ~2MB of RAM overhead
  • Patcher will now attempt to automatically detect your client version based on the size of your tiledata.mul, then download the appropriate files.
  • You can toggle between client 6 and 7 through "Patcher -> Toggle Client Version"
  • File updater no longer deals with timestamps, but instead uses and MD5 hash of the file. (Thanks to Maka for the suggestion ^_^)
  • -Removed "Fix Client" Option in Tools menu
  • +Added "Use Client 6.x" to Tools Menu
  • +Added "Use Client 7.x" to Tools Menu
  • Client changers mentioned above automatically patch for the appropriate files when changed.
    • tiledata.mul / multi.mul / multi.idx
  • @Patcher no longer downloads 'current.ini' at startup, but when update is pressed.
    • This should improve startup time and stop the interface lag at first startup you may have noticed.
  • @Minor code optimizations that are invisible to the user and removed ConsoleWrite() functions.
  • I'm an absolute noob and put a - instead of an = in an IF statement. That's why people have been having problems with multi.mul and the patcher wouldn't fix it, but manually updating it would. It's fixed now.
  • The patcher no longer uses the patcher.ini for time-stamps. It now has a function that will compare the local MD5 hash for the mul files with the MD5 hash of the one saved in the current.ini on the dropbox. This will fix the problem with it thinking it has patched when it's not really patched.

Planned Features
  • UO Cartographer Point Updater
  • UO Settings Backup/Restore (For Reinstalling UO)
  • Button to reset all patcher settings to default.


The patcher is saying the file doesn't exist and asks if I want to create it. Why?
You probably don't have the UO folder set correctly. You can pick the option to change the default client path, browse to the folder you installed UO to and select it, then hit OK and re-patch.

You patch, but then when you log in, nothing is changing.
Either you don't have the correct client path set and the files are going to the wrong place, or the Operating System is blocking you from downloading or copying the files to the new location. Make sure the client path is correct using the method above or run the patcher as administrator.

After patching, UO keeps crashing or ground tiles/boats/houses show up weird.
  • Another program that uses UO files was open and broke something.
    • Close all programs that use UO files (Client.exe, Pandora, UO Architect, etc) and repatch.
    • Please report which programs caused the conflict along with the process name and I can make the patcher give a warning when that program is open.
  • Now that we support Client 7, there are two different sets of the tiledata.mul, multi.mul and multi.idx that it needs. You could have the wrong one.
    • Open the Patcher and go to Tools, then Use Client 6.
    • This will download the files for Client 6 along with Client and install that to your UO folder.
    • "Use Client 7" doesn't work right now since I haven't tested which Client 7.X is the best for the shard so far. Feel free to PM me with recommendations.

It says "UpdateSwap.exe" is not found and won't update.
This is either a permission problem with the folder (UAC on Windows Vista/7) or the UpdateSwap.exe file isn't on the server because Taran or I goofed and baleeted it. If you can see it HERE then it's permissions; if it's not there, private message me and I'll have to recompile it and re-add it.

The temporary fix is to simply redownload the IN Patcher.exe manually.

if anyone need stealth(its some like injection ) but can be used without uo, its archive full setting, u need only put ur account and password, and need change ur uo folder name in setting.
and if u neeed u can used client with stealt too. have any qustion ask me in msn. Program use pascal scripts, u can make it easy.


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